Custom Painted Mondraker Summum Downhill Mountain Bike

Our Friend Arthur Nosjean recently sent over these photos of his Mondraker Summum with an incredible custom paint job that he did himself! We ere so stoked on it that we asked to share it with the rest of you. There is nothing we love more than seeing passionate people making something into their own and Arthur went above and beyond with this custom paint job. Let's take a look at the bike:

Words from Arthur:

Hello I’m Arthur Nosjean,

I am 17 years old and I study at an art school in Paris. I am passionate about new technologies (drones, 3D printing, digital modeling, supercars/hypercars), art (photography, movies, painting, music), as well as sports (skiing, climbing, sailing and, most importantly, cycling in several disciplines: XC, Downhill and freeride).

Custom Painted 2014 Mondrake rSummum

My present project is to make unique bikes with a customized design (paint and accessories). This is my first real-life experience of design, and I fetched the support from a paint professional, a bike workshop, and a few brands of accessories (All Mountain Style, Capsmith, and Trickstuff). My most advanced initiative is the revamping of a Mondraker Summum from 2014. I sanded it, masked the mechanical parts, and then painted it in a great shiny blue before laying a nice varnish. For making it simple I then finalized with white and black laser-cut vinyl that I designed.

Custom Painted 2014 Mondrake rSummum

I then wanted to create a visual story of this bike, and I chose the mountainside to build an interesting atmosphere. The Vosges area came as the best choice because this is close to where my girlfriend lives! We climbed with our fathers, and the bike in pieces in our backpack. At the top, my girlfriend reassembled the bike and I went downhill with it. I shot all this on a great video.

Custom Painted 2014 Mondraker Summum

This project is a great experience for me, I have enriched myself in the field of painting. I am now very happy to be able to offer my bicycle customization services – I already have several other projects on-going :-D

I really enjoy learning and discovering things through experiences like this!

Custom Painted 2014 Mondraker Summum

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August 07, 2020

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