CushCore Pro Tire Inserts Set 27.5" Pair: Rider Review

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The way people are riding and with the grip benefit of lower tire pressures inherently can cause flats. There is a solution in the form of CushCore Pro tire inserts, no need to sacrifice performance to prevent flats. Our friend Ryan shares his experience with these inserts. Check it out!

CushCore Tire Inserts Rider Review


The CushCores are great! They definitely provide additional vibration dampening and more confidence while cornering. I felt they were easy to install, the hammer handle trick I found on YouTube was helpful. The plan was to use them with the skin wall Nobby Nics. Don’t those things look sick on my bike?! Sadly, I couldn’t get those skin walls to seal, they were leaking on the sidewalk and even when properly inflated. Once on the trail, the 2.25 tire just wasn’t enough so I went back to my previous setup with a 2.35 Schwalbe Hans Dampf upfront and a 2.35 Nobby Nic on the rear. The second installation was faster and easier than the first. I’ve ridden about 40 miles on them so far and I really love the feel of the CushCores under the bike.

 CushCore Tire Inserts Rider Review

I would agree with others that they are definitely worth the little bit of extra weight. I’ve now had them all over the Knoxville trails, the Knoxville Urban Wilderness South Loop offering classic single track with rooty and rocky sections as well as smoother, machine built, gravity jump trails and I was really paying close attention to the differences with the CushCore tire inserts in. I don’t think I noticed much of a difference while riding the jump trails outside of the few tight corners but while riding the classic single track trails the urban wilderness offers I enjoyed the performance of the CushCores. I also recently had the opportunity to ride down in Chattanooga, about an hour and a half south of Knoxville, where I live. Man, Raccoon Mountain is a great ride if you’re ever in the area! I did about 16.5 miles and the CushCores shines in the 2 miles of large rock garden on Live Wire Two and Rock Tech.

 CushCore Tire Inserts Rider Review

Back in Knoxville, well Oak Ridge, specifically, we have Haw Ridge, the very rooty lakeside trail is my preference while riding at Haw and the CushCores were fantastic while riding out there. I haven’t t experienced any tire punctures yet but they advertise puncture resistance as an additional feature and I can conceptualize why. Haw Ridge is a great ride and one where a nine-mile loop feels like 15 and give you a phenomenal full-body workout. If you’re looking for a great event in East Tennessee and want to put yourself and your new CushCores you’ve just purchased from the wonderful folks at Worldwide Cyclery to the test, come in October for the 12 Hours of The Hill of Truth at Haw Ridge! My last ride on my new Cush Cores was my home track of IC King, a nice variety of classic E. TN single track and some steep climbs and quick fast descents.

CushCore Tire Inserts Rider Review

Final Thoughts

The CushCores have handled and met my expectations at all of the venues I ride regularly, pick up a pair from WWC now!

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December 15, 2019

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