Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Pedals: Rider Review

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Bikes only have a few key contact points with the rider. One of these contact points is very important not only to drive the bike forward but also gives a lot of trail feedback to the rider. Our friend Mark gives us his take on the Crank Brothers Stamp 7 pedals. Check it out!

Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Pedals Rider Review


The Crank Brothers Stamp 7 pedal series is a great option for those looking for a set of high-quality pedals that are built to last. They are easy to service by just removing the two 2.5mm body screws. These pedals also include a grease port that can be accessed by removing a small Phillips head screw. The anodized finish has held up well to pedal strikes and normal shoe wear. The pins are replaceable and adjustable up to 4mm height. Another nice feature is how the spindle attaches to the crank arm by the use of an 8mm hex key, less risk of busting your knuckles like when using a 15mm box wrench. 

Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Pedals Rider Review


Final Thoughts

To set my pin height I used the depth rod of a digital caliper. I wanted to go for more of a concave feeling so I settled for 3.5mm depth on the outside pins and 2mm depth for the inside pins. I wear a pair of Five Ten Freeriders size 13 and the large pedals fit perfect. After switching to these Crank Brothers pedals my feet are more secure in rough sections and I don't think about foot placement as much. These have also helped improve my pedaling efficiency by providing more grip during the upstroke portion of the rotation, they stick very well to shoes designed for flats.

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November 25, 2019

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