Consumer Direct Bike Brands - Destroying or Evolving The Industry? [Video]


There is a lot of buzz in the mountain bike industry when it comes to consumer direct bike brands. Some claim that it is destroying the bicycle industry while others feel that brands such as Canyon, YT, Commencal & many others are pushing things forward with their business model. If you are shopping for a new hardtail or full-suspension mountain bike, you might be wondering if you should go to your local bike shop or go with a consumer-direct bike brand. Direct sale (also known as consumer direct) bike brands simply skip the retailer and sell right to the consumer and deliver the bike in a box to your doorstep.

This is a great time for mountain bike fans. Riders have more options than ever and can get pretty highly spec'd out MTB for a reasonable price. In this video, Jeff discusses a few of the pros and cons when it comes to buying a bike from your local shop or dealer vs. going direct to the consumer route. Is there more "value" for your dollar when buying a bike online vs. in a store? We also cover the “hybrid” business models that some of the big brands like Trek and Giant are adopting as an option for customers. While there is still an argument about whether the local shop, consumer-direct model or hybrid, is the best business model, there is no doubt the consumer is the one that can benefit from all three depending on your needs. Sit back and enjoy the debate!

Bike Shops vs Consumer Direct video blog

Bike Shops vs Consumer Direct video blog

Bike Shops vs Consumer Direct video blog

February 03, 2020

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