Chromag Fubars BZA Handlebar: Customer Review

If you're looking for a carbon handlebar that that stands out from the crowd, the Chromag Fubars BZA bars are for you. All carbon bars are light but the custom graphics on these things are sure to make you the envy of all your friends. In this review, our customer swaps out his aluminum bars for the Chromag carbons. Check it out!

Chromag Fubars BZA Handlebar Review


Trek, for reasons unknown, decided to spec their 2017 Slash with an aluminum handlebar, while giving their Fuel EX 9.8 a carbon bar. I ride both bikes and liked the feel of the carbon bar on my Fuel.

Enter Worldwide Cyclery (again). I wanted a carbon handlebar and chose the Chromag Fubars BZA for several reasons:

Chromag Fubars BZA Handlebar Review


Strength - Chromag is known for making high-quality bars that are tough.

Width and Rise - 800 mm was the width I wanted over the stock bar which had been cut to 750 (hey, we all make mistakes). The rise was very close to the stock bar’s rise, which meant I could go with the spacers I already had.

Weight - It’s not much, but saving a few grams never hurts

Vibration Absorption - Compared to the carbon bar on my Fuel EX, the aluminum handlebar on the 2017 Slash 9.8 just wasn’t as comfortable. The carbon bar is an improvement!

Chromag Fubars BZA Handlebar Review

Final Thoughts

I’m very happy with the purchase. The new bar is very comfortable, and as an added bonus, fits in nicely with the bike’s color scheme! Oh, and it’s handled a few crashes and is still intact. If you want a high-quality carbon bar that looks great, rides well, and is tough, consider a Chromag. You won’t be sorry.

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September 23, 2018

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