Chris King ThreadFit Bottom Bracket: Rider Review

Chris King is known for quality, durability, and just flat out good looking products. Their threadfit bottom brackets are available in multiple colors to fit your bike and come with a 5-year warranty as well! In this review, our customer Christopher purchases a new bottom bracket for his Santa Cruz Nomad. We think the orange looks darn good. Check it out!

Chris King Bottom Bracket Rider Review


My Nomad 4 came with a full SRAM Eagle drivetrain, including a DUB bottom bracket with alloy Stylo cranks and an X-Sync 2 chainring. I wanted to try out different chainrings and cranks, so this meant I needed a different bottom bracket in order to deviate from the SRAM DUB standard. I decided on a Wolf Tooth chainring and Raceface cranks, which meant I would need a 30mm bottom bracket, threaded to fit my Nomad. Scrolling through options and doing some research online, the Chris King ThreadFit 30mm bottom bracket seemed like the best option for me based on performance, serviceability, style, and customer support/warranty. In order to fit my bike, I also needed the Conversion Kit #21 to adapt the bottom bracket to mountain wide 73mm. Not sure which size bottom bracket you need, then be sure to check out our article where we make it simple for you!

Chris King Bottom Bracket Rider Review


Installation was easy following the instructions that came with the BB and conversion kit. I used the Chris King bottom bracket tool to avoid damaging the mango finish on the BB - it worked perfectly. I should also note that CK support responded to me within one day with a question about bearing preload; this gives me confidence for the future as I own a few of their other components as well.


Just look at it, now stop drooling. The mango finish matches perfectly with the orange accents on my bike. Although the bottom bracket is not in a visually prominent place on the bike, I think it adds a subtle touch that draws attention to the details.

Chris King Bottom Bracket Rider Review


I have not ridden this BB enough to even be considered broken in by CK’s standards, but my experience with it so far has been fantastic. It is silent, smooth, stable and has no play. I’ve read that CK bearings wear in and get better over time, so I am excited to experience this.

Bottom Line

I would recommend the Chris King bottom bracket to anyone who wants a high-performing stylish BB backed by manufacturer support. I think the serviceability, warranty and customer support far outweigh the relative cost compared to cheaper BB options.

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January 15, 2019

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