Ceramic Speed Oversized Pulley Wheel System [Rider Review]

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Here in this review, one of our German customers gets himself a CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley wheel system for his Sram eTap 11 speed derailleur. The oversized 17 tooth pulley wheels and ceramic bearings are designed to give less drag through your drivetrain system. Check it out!

 Ceramic Speed Oversized Pulley Wheel System


Everything is high quality, the moment you receive the box you realize that. The product itself is wrapped like an important surgery tool. It comes with a detailed manual to guide you through the installation, but it requires some skills to put it on. I do some maintenance on my own bike but struggled a little bit to put it on on the first go. Having everything in place you see immediately the change on the bike. It looks way different then before, true eye catching.

Ceramic Speed Oversized Pulley Wheel System

While installing the oversized pulley system, I put a new chain on at the same time. I would recommend anyone else to do so as well. The chain, cassette, and chainrings are basically wearing themselves out so using an older chain can't be good for the CS pulley wheels. Other than that, a Shimano Ultegra chain is just a few bucks and worth the extra costs.

Due to the cold temperatures I haven't had the time yet to test drive the new system for more than just a couple hours. But so far I don’t recognize any negative side effects like I did when I put on new other stuff.

Final Thoughts

I strongly believe that the true effect of this kit is more of a psychological improvement other than a measurable significant watt saver. As usual with these things, all together will be recognizable, one thing alone doesn’t make the difference. Unless your name is Frodeno. :) However, I would definitely buy it again and recommend this to friends since I have fun on such things anyway. No one wants to ride an ugly bike, right?

Ceramic Speed Oversized Pulley Wheel System

January 20, 2023

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