Cane Creek eeWings Mountain Titanium Crankset - 170mm [Rider Review]

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When selecting a set of cranks for your MTB, there are many factors to consider. What length? What material? What brand? If you are looking for the fanciest most blingy crank on the market, look no further than the Cane Creek eeWings TItanium Crankset. Check out what this customer had to say about his!

Cane Creek eeWings Titanium Crankset Rider Review


Would a cranky Cane Creek crank still crank if a cranky Cane Creek crank could crank? Trick question, when you are made of titanium there is no way you could possibly be cranky. In fact, it would turn on Goodbye Horses, open its robe, and start dancing in front of a mirror, while admiring itself. “Would you ride me? I’d ride me hard”......are the words it would seductively exclaim while taking in its own Adonis-like chiseled exterior. This amazing crank is the titanium version of bike abs; you don’t need them, but everyone sure as heck wants them.

Are they needed? Not really. Are they sexy as hell? You bet your sweet ass they are. Are they noticeably stiff stiffer than the competition? Hell yeah, and you will be when you open that unassumingly plain cardboard box from the titanium metal masters at Cane Creek.

Have you ever wondered what it was like looking into the briefcase belonging to Marcellus Wallace? What was in there? Why was it glowing? What the f@$k was with the bandage on his neck?! If you want those answers, order Cane Creek eeWings TItanium Crankset and find out.

Cane Creek eeWings Titanium Crankset Rider Review

First Impressions

Ok, enough of the written word version of an adult film fluffer, now on to the product review. The fit and finish is literally NASA level. The level of quality would tighten the pants of a retired machinist. The welds should be censored in all photos as they should be considered full-on strong pornography. They look like a nice neat little stack of dimes on every joined surface. I can get you asking already: Are these cranks that much lighter than the others? You bet your bottom dollar they are. They weigh about as much as a mouse fart in the wind. You’ll bite them like an old prospector inspecting his daily haul, just to make sure they are indeed made of metal.

Now onto the next question: Will, these fit into the corresponding crank hole in my bottom bracket on my mountain or road bike frame? As long as you sized them up and have the correct bottom bracket bearing for your application......they will slide perfectly into your bottom bracket crank hole like they were made for each other. Because really, that is what engineers get paid to do. Is installation easy? Sure is! You just lube up the shaft of titanium perfection and slip it right in. There is a satisfyingly audible thunk when you slide it into its new home. After insertion, you only need to twist the equally beautifully designed preload collar included with the crankset, snug up the little set screw, and stand back and admire the pure awesomeness you just installed on your bike.

Final Thoughts

I am sure many of you are wondering if this crank is worth the money. It is absolutely relative to your budget and needs. This is the kind of part you buy for life. You buy it once and move it from bike to bike. This is the part you look back at every time you walk away from your bike. You will never break these or wear them out. Buy once cry once, you will not regret it!

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December 01, 2020

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