Bike Yoke Revive Seatpost with Triggy Remote [Rider Review]

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When looking for a dropper post, there's a lot of options to consider. Bike Yoke is a company that should be on your radar as well. Bike Yoke offers a lot of cool features to offer such as a bleeder valve at the head. Our friend, George just installed one. Check out what they think!

Bike Yoke Revive Seatpost with Triggy Remote


Thanks to all the great people at World Wide Cyclery, I have had the chance to use my new Bike Yoke Revive, 31.6 x 160 mm dropper seat post for about one month now and loving it. I installed it on my 2017 Foe's Mutz fat bike. I had a KS Lev 31.6 x 150 dropper post on the bike before, which I have rebuilt and installed on my other bike which is an Intense Tracer 275 carbon. Let me give you a little bit of history with me and my different dropper posts that I have tried and used.

Bike Yoke Revive Seatpost with Triggy Remote

I started out with the Rock Shox Reverb on the Intense, and it failed in less than 4 months, so I had it rebuilt and its sitting on my shelf at home. The reverb did not work well in the cold, and when I say cold I mean even at just above freezing it was an issue. I also hated the handlebar lever for the Reverb, it was pretty crappy to say the least. Then I broke the original aluminum frame on the Intense, then I I up graded to a carbon frame, and went from 26" to 27.5" wheels as well. With the new frame I went with a new Thompson 31.6 x 125 mm dropper post, which failed after 6 months and because it was still under warranty I had to send it in to Thompson and they rebuilt it for me.

I am from Vancouver, British Columbia and ride the North Shore, Squamish, Cumberland (on Vancouver Island) and Whistler. I live in Sedona, AZ for 6 months during the winter, which has great weather and fabulous MTB riding as well, so I get the best of both worlds. I always do a bunch of research before I buy anything, and after the Reverb and the Thompson I have to say that the KS Lev is a great dropper post, but because you can bleed the Bike Yoke Revive on the go with a simple little Allen wrench,

its my favorite so far out of these 4 dropper posts.

The KS Lev failed after 7 months, but the rebuild that was covered under warranty, lasted for 28 months which is outstanding for any dropper post.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to a great black Friday deal, and all the great folks over at World Wide Cyclery, I now have the Bike Yoke Revive dropper post, and in my opinion is the best all around dropper post on the market. From all the research that I did, I expect to get approx 2 years of service before I have to rebuild this dropper post, which would be way longer than the other 3 dropper that I have tried. If you want to buy a Bike Yoke Revive dropper post, go see the folks at World Wide Cyclery to get the expertise and the best price around.

 Bike Yoke Revive Seatpost with Triggy Remote

January 14, 2022

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