Best of the Month! MTB Parts & Accessories (Ep. 9.22) [Video]

Fall is here, and so is another episode of Best of the Month MTB Parts & Accessories! This month, we've got some great products from brands like RockShox, Ride5Dev, SRAM, Deity, KETL, WC & more! You won't want to miss this one!

Ride 5Dev Cranksets

Ride 5Dev Cranks

Ride 5Dev's cranks are some of the most unique cranks that you can get for your MTB. Not only do they make your bike stand out from the crowd, they also offer benefits such as a shorter overall length to reduce pedal strikes, and a weight that's comparable to some carbon cranks but with the durability of aluminum. They utilize the same spindle diameter as SRAM's DUB, and they also utilize SRAM's 3 bolt chainring pattern. The cranks are also available for Shimano EP8 E-MTBs as well as Specialized/Bosch equipped bikes.

Ride 5Dev

 WC x Occam BOA Frame Straps

WC Occam Frame Strap

The Occam BOA frame strap shines where the standard frame strap has its downfalls. The BOA strap allows you to remove the strap easily and more quickly from your bike, as well as quickly fasten it to your bike quickly and safely. No more need for messing around with that ancient stuff called velcro that was invented nearly a century ago. Not only does this BOA frame strap function incredibly well, it also looks the business thanks to a beautiful topo design with WC logos, so others will know you are a discerning purchaser of MTB wares and not just another ham-fisted consumer. 

WC Occam Strap

RockShox ZEB

RockShox Zeb

The RockShox ZEB was named after American soldier/explorer Lieutenant Zebulon Pike. Armed with that knowledge, you could have also probably guessed that Colorado's Pike's Peak and RockShox's Pike fork are also named after him. Nevertheless, Lieutenant Pike likely didn't forsee that several mountain bike suspension forks would be named after him, let alone a 38mm stanchioned long travel enduro fork that's seen time at both Red Bull Rampage as well as the EWS circuit. The latest version of this hard hitting fork features RockShox's Charger 3 damper as well as lower leg bleeder valves and their new Buttercup technology (Check out this blog here for more on those). Perhaps the best part of this new fork, is that you can get yourself last years RockShox ZEB for a killer deal in our Mega Deals Collection.

RockShox ZEB

Buzzy's Slick Honey

Buzzy's Slick Honey

Buzzy's slick honey is one of those greases that is essential for your MTB maintenance kit. Not only is it required for any suspension service, but you'll also find that it works great to keep your dropper post running smoothly, and has gotten me out of some dropper post jams as well. Sometimes you just need a little grease. Treat yourself to the 16oz jar and you probably won't need any more for a lifetime, unless you make a living doing suspension services.

Buzzy's Slick Honey

Deity Deftrap Pedals

Deity Deftrap Pedals

Deity's Deftrap pedal is essentially a composite clone of the brand's famed T-Mac pedal made in collaboration with Tyler McCaul, the MTB freeride legend. This pedal features replaceable pins as well as a large platform that is just so ever concave to make your foot sit in the pedal and give you great pedal feel. The composite body is light and strong, and combined with the serviceable internals, it makes sense why the Deftrap is one of the most popular flat pedals that we sell.

Deity Deftrap

SRAM eTap/AXS Battery

AXS Battery

Sometimes things happen, and you forget to check your AXS battery before you go on a ride. Guess what! That is also the same ride where your battery dies, and you are now riding the world's most expensive single speed. If only you had a fully charged spare battery on your person, you might say. And you would be correct.

SRAM eTap/AXS Battery

WC Hat

WC Hat

This hat is one of the most technologically advanced and best looking hats on the planet. When you consider what makes a great hat, and you take those two things into consideration, you realize you're looking at perhaps the best hat in the world. With the adjustable snapback construction combined with the ventilated back panel, you get a hat that is extremely versatile that will fit a wide variety of melons and will look great while doing so.

WC Snapback hat

KETL Mtn Shorts


KETL Virtue Shorts

We are incredibly stoked to offer a 12" inseam Virtue short to our catalog in order to better suit the demands of mountain bike riding, and offer a more comfortable fit. Not only that, but we've got some cool colors to boot. Now you can buy a short that works well for mountain biking AND hiking, running, rock climbing, beach volleyball, watching movies, sampling your local craft beer, and much much more.


September 30, 2022

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