A Pro Mountain Biker's Thoughts on Testing Equipment (With Neko Mulally) [Video]


Adapting to new parts is always hard to do, especially if you are not as experienced on a bike. We constantly change through parts to test what is new to the market as well as the parts that have held the standards high for years. People don't always get to experience riding new parts but when they do, their bikes can begin to feel very foreign to them. This is why we sat down with a good friend of ours, Neko Mulally. He also happens to be the Downhill USA National Champion and a bit of a bike nerd that is always messing with his bike and trying new things. We couldn't see a better person to sit down with to discuss what a pro does to adapt and test new products. This is a longer video, so make some popcorn and sit back. Mr. Mulally's gonna learn you a thing or two.

May 11, 2019

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