7 Protection Covert Knee Pads Review

For those who aren't familiar with 7 Protection, they specialize in high end mountain bike protection. With everything from joint protection, helmets, and chest and back protection, to gloves, 7iDP covers it all. They are known for their innovative designs, durability and use of premium materials. Here in this review, we are taking a closer look at the 7iDP Covert knee pads.

7 Protection Covert Knee Pads Review - Worldwide Cyclery

With it's triple layer protection system, the Covert knee pad is the only knee pad from 7iDP that is truly customizable. The Covert uses a tough outer layer that holds a plastic shell, a layer of dense foam and a layer of softer foam inside. Pick and choose the level of protection you want depending on the trails ahead of you! 

With it's light compression sleeve design, this pad does not use any straps. A small silicone gel strip keeps the pads from sliding down your leg. 

Price: $89.99
Weight: 360 grams per side

7iDP Covert Knee Pads Shop Now - Worldwide Cyclery

7 Protection Covert Knee Pads Review - Worldwide Cyclery


7 Protection Covert Knee Pads Review - Worldwide Cyclery

What's the Bottom Line?

The triple layer protection system is super smart! With buying one pair of knee pads, you basically get two different pairs. After riding the pads equipped with all three layers, I felt like they weren't confirming to my knees as well as they should. After experimenting with every different combination, I found that the Covert pads performed best without the middle layer of dense foam. For casual trail riding, I enjoyed the Covert pads with only the single layer of soft foam. When I knew the trails were going to be a bit more rugged and wanted more protection, I would toss the plastic shell in as well. 

The elastic sleeve did a good job of keeping the knee pads in place. The top band with the silicone strip did tend to slip down towards the top of the pad but the knee pad as a whole didn't move much while riding. The Covert pads are super breathable, lightweight, and can be worn all day long. 

Overall, I think the Covert knee pads are very versatile and because they are customizable, they will work with different riding preferences out there.

Max Morgan 7 Protection Covert Knee Pads - Worldwide Cyclery

Max Morgan Racing The Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom In 7iDP Covert Knee Pads - Photo by Mike Thomas  

August 10, 2017

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