2018 Transition Bikes and Frames

First Look at the 2018 Transition Bikes and Frames

Transition Bicycles recently released their 2018 lineup and we are excited to say the least! Not only does Transition make some of the most enjoyable bikes to ride, but the introduction of their new Speed Balanced Geometry is designed to give the rider a more balanced position on the bike resulting in improved traction and control at all speeds.

Transition Bikes and Frames

In addition to the revised geometry, Transition has added a new long travel 29er to the lineup in the Sentinel. Check out our employee review of the Sentinel to see what we thought! Lastly, the Patrol, Scout, and Smuggler all feature increased travel, optimized pedaling performance, and additional size options . 

Bikes, Build Kits, and Geometry

2018 Transition TR11

Now available in carbon, the TR11 has proven itself to be one of the top downhill bikes on the market. With 3 World Cup wins under Tahnee Seagrave, the TR11 represent a truly unique experience. Playful enough to handle the park yet fast enough for any World Cup course, the TR11 is designed to take your riding to the next level.

The 2018 Transition TR11 will feature two build kits for the Carbon frame (SRAM X01 & SRAM GX) as well as two color options (TR Blue & Black Powder). 

Transition TR11

TR11 Geometry

Transition TR11 Build Kit

2018 Transition Sentinel

All new for 2018, the Transition Sentinel was designed to be the most capable, playful, and fun 29er on the market today. Equipped with the new Speed Balanced Geometry, the Sentinel stays responsive and playful while delivering incredible downhill and monster truck capabilities. Not only does this bike destroy the most technical and rough trails around, it inspires total confidence when it comes to cornering and climbing. There truly are no limits to what the Sentinel can handle. 

The 2018 Transition Sentinel will feature three build kits (SRAM X01, SRAM GX, & SRAM NX) as well as two color options (TR Blue & Black Powder). 

Transition Sentinel Color Options

Transition Sentinel Geometry

Transition Sentinel Build Kit

2018 Transition Patrol

Without a doubt the most popular Transition bike last year, the Patrol pushes the boundaries of what is capable on a long travel 27.5" trail bike. Already an efficient ascender, the declines is where this thing truly shines. The addition of SBG ensures the bike maintains low speed agility, front wheel traction, and proper balance all while increasing confidence in rough terrain and at high speed. 

The 2018 Transition Patrol will feature three build kits (SRAM X01, SRAM GX, & SRAM NX) as well as two color options (Storm Grey & Ponderosa Green). 




Transition Patrol Transition Patrol Geometry Transition Patrol Build Kit

2018 Transition Scout

A mid travel trail bike capable of big mountain descents, the 2018 Scout can handle pretty much anything thrown at it. Amazing trail feel that loves to pedal but can turn into an absolute beast on descents whenever needed. The Scout has everything you need in a top level trail bike including our new Speed Balanced Geometry that takes wheel traction to a whole new level.

The 2018 Transition Scout will feature three build kits (SRAM X01, SRAM GX, & SRAM NX) as well as two color options (Black Powder & Habanero Orange). 

Transition Scout ComparisonTransition Scout Geometry

Transition Scout Geometry

2018 Transition Smuggler

The Smuggler is Transitions take on the perfect 29 inch trail bike. Just the right amount of travel in the front and rear to keep it responsive and fun but also aggressive for when the trail turns downright nasty. Transition designed the Smuggler to not only adapt to trail conditions but downright own them. The new Speed Balanced Geometry is the final touch designed to maintain traction and control on the way up while keeping you composed and confident on ultra technical descents.

The 2018 Transition Smuggler will feature three build kits (SRAM X01, SRAM GX, & SRAM NX) as well as two color options (Bone Grey & Gunsmoke Blue). 

Transition Smuggler

Transition Smuggler Geometry

Transition Smuggler Geometry 

2018 Transition Throttle

Despite it's lightweight carbon construction, the Throttle is the most aggressive trail hardtail Transition has ever made. Designed to blur the lines between a trail bike and a dirt jump bike, the Throttle doesn't feel out of place stopping for a DJ session on the way home from a trail ride. The Throttle combines the fun playful feel of our GiddyUp line with the efficiency of a carbon hardtail. A truly unique bike, the Throttle is the evolution of Transition hardtail frames that can take you down any trail.

The 2018 Transition Throttle will feature one build kit (SRAM GX) as well as two color options (Race Raw & Hot Mustard). 

Transition Throttle

 Transition Throttle Geometry

 Transition Throttle Build Kit

2018 Transition Vanquish

The Vanquish isn't your average 29 hardtail. Crush your friends on the climbs, but you won't have any problem keeping up on the descents either. The Vanquish is the natural evolution of our popular TransAM 29 model. Smooth and light carbon frame with the aggressive frame geometry we have had years to perfect. The Vanquish might be the closest thing to an XC bike that we've ever done, but the Transition spirit shows through and this bike still likes to party.

The 2018 Transition Vanquish will feature one build kit (SRAM GX) as well as two color options (Habanero Orange & Race Raw). 

Transition VanquishTransition Vanquish Geometry

Transition Vanquish Build Kit

Transition bikes are not available to purchase on our website, but if you would like to inquire about purchasing a 2018 Transition bike or frame, please contact us at 805-375-4525 or shoot us a message.

December 28, 2017

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