100% SpeedTrap Sunglasses: Rider Review

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If you put in some hard miles on a bike then being comfortable is key. Having good eye protection whether it be from dirt, rocks, or the sun is something you don't want to think about while riding. Our friend Kenneth gives us the rundown on his 100% SpeedTrap sunglasses. Check it out!

100% SpeedTrap Sunglasses Rider Review


These are an awesome pair of sunglasses. I had never worn eye protection on the trail, mostly because the area where I ride is heavily forested so the amount of light on the trail is low. However, after suffering an eye injury due to a branch to the face I knew eye protection was a must. I knew I didn’t want to wear goggles all the time because they are hot and cumbersome on big days out so, I started searching for a pair of glasses with full protection and good visibility. After much debate, I settled on the 100% SpeedTraps because they look cool, protect my eyes, and fit tight so they don’t move around on rough descents. After riding in these for about a month I have found these to fit securely and only fog up when stopped. These glasses are a great alternative to wearing goggles for enduro-style riding they provide the protection and wind-blocking that you need with better ventilation and confront on long days.

100% SpeedTrap Sunglasses Rider Review

What’s in the box? A very nice 100% zip-up case that has storage for the glasses and spare lens. Inside the zip-up case, you will find the included clear lens which is my preferred lens. The glasses which come in the soft bag. The glasses come with the mirrored lens installed which would be perfect for road riding or riding out of the forest. Both lenses are super clear and the field of view on these is huge after wearing them for a couple of minutes I forget I have them on.

100% SpeedTrap Sunglasses Rider Review

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is you need eye protection and 100% SpeedTraps provide that with comfort and style.

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September 25, 2019

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