"Continental’s range of DH tires give us a great balance of grip and support with efficient rolling and a dead feeling casing. We like to run the Kryptotal Front and Rear in the Downhill Casing and SuperSoft Compound. These give us an advantage and make you want to push harder!" - Neko
"Contact points and bar bend are a personal preference, and for me the ODI Elite Pro lock on is my go to grip along with a an 8x5 bend bar. The half waffle pattern on the Elite Pro grip along with the extra rubber on top is perfect for grip and comfort while gravity riding. I prefer the Spank Spike bar in 25mm rise for downhill and 40mm rise for trail or enduro, so that my hands are at about the same spot on the bikes with a shorter axle to crown. a 40mm stem feels the most comfortable to me with the modern fork offsets." - Neko
"We have been really impressed with the light lever pull and ultimate power of the Hayes brakes. They are less fatiguing to ride and give you confidence in late braking. " - Neko
"5Dev supports us with custom CNC parts for our frames, which has helped us through our development process. We run their cranks and chainrings which have an awesome strength to weight ratio and have been working awesome for our race team. We designed our bike around the O-Chain, which allows us to use a mid pivot design while the O-Chain takes care of the pedal kick. " - Neko
"Fox offers race ready suspension out of the box, with stiff chassis, low friction, and dampers that can keep up. I use the 40 for downhill and the 38 for trail or enduro along with the X2 shocks for both applications. I prefer the coil shocks because my bikes are progressive enough to work with them and the coil springs have a more consistent feel through the stroke. On smoother terrain the air shocks can be more tunable and offer end stroke support on bikes that need it." - Neko
"Fox has gear for every day on the bike. I use the defend line for most days, but check out their wet weather and winter offerings too. It will make those not so nice conditions a little more enjoyable. The helmets are super comfy, I would highly recommend the Speedframe for everyday trail riding. Grab a set of the Handup Pro Gloves, my signature glove, designed to have a tighter fit, less bunching and be more durable than other race gloves." - Neko 
"Racing at the top level requires a level of reliability that ENVE can give us with their new M9 DH rim using a plastic rim strip that extends over the rim wall which gives us the best seal between tire and rim. - Neko

"I chose to run the new WTB TCS sealant because it seals large holes in case of a puncture and never dries out. Their ammonia free synthetic latex formula works well. Reserve's Fillmore valves have been a game changer for me, especially running inserts. They never clog which is a common problem with valves when running inserts and mounting tires is super easy with the high air flow. Be careful if you want to lower your tire pressure, the first time I tried to drop 1psi I let 6psi out with just a touch! High flow for sure." - Neko