Yeti Cycles is an American mountain bike company that has been producing high-quality bikes since 1985. The brand was founded in California by John Parker, a welder and avid mountain biker who was dissatisfied with the quality of bikes available on the market at the time. Parker began designing and building his own bikes, and soon gained a reputation for producing high-performance machines that were capable of handling the toughest terrain.

Today, Yeti Cycles is based in Golden, Colorado, and continues to produce some of the most sought-after mountain bikes on the market. The brand's focus on innovation and quality has helped it maintain a loyal following among hardcore mountain bikers, and its bikes have won numerous awards for their performance and design.

Yeti Cycles offers a range of bike models, each designed to excel in a specific type of riding. The brand's flagship model is the SB160, a long-travel enduro bike that's built for aggressive riding on technical terrain. The SB160 features a carbon fiber frame, 160mm of suspension travel, and Yeti's patented Switch Infinity suspension system, which provides a smooth and responsive ride.

Riders who want an extremely versatile and fun bike that can handle a myriad of terrain will be looking for the SB140, an all mountain bike that also utilizes a carbon frame and geometry that will be comfortable in a wide range of environments.

For riders who prefer a more nimble bike, Yeti Cycles offers the SB120, a shorter-travel bike that's designed for trail riding. The SB120 also features a carbon fiber frame and the Switch Infinity suspension system, but with 120mm of suspension travel.

For more cross-country oriented riders, Yeti Cycles offers the ARC, a lightweight carbon hardtail that's built for speed and efficiency. The ARC features a carbon fiber frame, a 130mm suspension fork, and geometry that's designed to help riders go fast and have fun.

Riders who are interested in more than using just pedal power to get to the top of their favorite climbs will be after the 160E, Yeti’s first electrified mountain bike that utilizes Shimano's EP8 motor and a 630wh Internal Battery, plus geometry and components that can handle the rowdiest descents.

Finally, for riders who want a bike that's capable of handling both uphill and downhill riding, Yeti Cycles offers the SB165. This long-travel bike features a carbon fiber frame, 165mm of suspension travel, and a geometry that's optimized for aggressive riding on steep and technical terrain.

Overall, Yeti Cycles' bikes are best suited for riders who want high-performance machines that are capable of handling tough terrain. Whether you're looking for a bike for enduro racing, all-mountain riding, or cross-country racing, Yeti Cycles has a model that's designed to meet your needs.