Forbidden Bikes

Forbidden Bike Company, founded in 2019, stands out in the crowd of mountain bike manufacturers. The company has quickly established a reputation for crafting bikes that push the boundaries of design and performance. Rooted in an ethos of innovation and the pursuit of perfection, Forbidden bikes, though relatively new, have already created an indelible mark in the world of mountain biking.

The genesis of Forbidden Bike Company is a compelling story of vision and passion. It was the brainchild of Owen Pemberton who put his vast knowledge and experience in the mountain biking industry to build bikes that dared to tread new grounds. Pemberton, with his years of experience as a senior engineer with Norco Bikes, and Beckett, with his extensive background in marketing and sales, together turned Forbidden into a formidable brand known for its exclusive high-pivot bike designs.

Perhaps the most distinguishable aspect of Forbidden bikes is their use of the high pivot point suspension design. This mechanism, originally popular in downhill racing bikes, has been adopted and adapted by Forbidden to offer an unrivaled performance across all its models. High pivot designs allow the rear wheel to move back and up when it hits a bump, following a trajectory that aligns more naturally with the direction of impact. This results in a smoother ride, superior traction, and less pedal kickback compared to lower pivot designs.

Forbidden's commitment to this unique design approach birthed the ‘Dreadnought’ and the ‘Druid’. Both models have garnered rave reviews from riders and critics alike for their performance and comfort.

The Dreadnought, introduced in 2022, comes as the epitome of Forbidden's technological prowess. It boasts the Forbidden’s patented ‘Trifecta High Pivot System’ which reduces pedal kickback and maintains a constant chain length throughout the travel, ensuring a balance between bump absorption and pedaling efficiency. Furthermore, the Dreadnought’s fully carbon frame optimizes strength while reducing weight, resulting in a bike that is equally adept at enduring punishing descents and nailing technical climbs.

Forbidden's proprietary 'Ziggy Link' design, on the other hand, offers riders the flexibility to switch between a 27.5" rear wheel and a 29" wheel without affecting the bike's geometry. The Ziggy Link has become a symbol of the brand's dedication to versatility and rider customization, allowing individuals to fine-tune their bikes to their specific riding preferences to get their bike setup as mullet or mx wheel size if they prefer.

Yet, what truly separates Forbidden bikes from the rest is the aura of exclusivity that surrounds them. The company's strict quality control measures and meticulous craftsmanship have inadvertently led to a certain scarcity in the market. This scarcity, coupled with the bikes' superior performance, has created a cult-like following for Forbidden bikes.

Another noteworthy aspect of Forbidden bikes is their aesthetics. These bikes are as much about form as they are about function. A striking feature of Forbidden bikes is their bold and distinct color schemes. The Stealth and the Blue Heat in particular have become iconic colors in the mountain biking world, further adding to the brand's allure.

In terms of environmental sustainability, Forbidden has also started implementing 'eco-packaging' - a move away from single-use plastics towards recyclable and compostable materials. This eco-conscious approach adds another layer of appeal to their brand, especially for the increasingly environmentally aware consumer base.

Despite its relatively brief history, Forbidden Bike Company has won several accolades for its innovative designs and superior performance. It has been featured in Pinkbike and Bike Magazine, where both the performance and aesthetics of Forbidden bikes have been widely praised.

All in all, Forbidden Bike Company stands out as a beacon of innovation in the mountain biking world. Its high-pivot design, coupled with the versatility of models like the Dreadnought utilizing the Ziggy Link and Druid, has won the hearts of many biking enthusiasts. The company’s commitment to excellence in design, performance, and sustainability is evident in every bike they produce. With each new model, Forbidden continues to redefine the limits of what a mountain bike can be.