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KETL mountain apparel is relatively new to the outdoor industry and has been making a name for themselves. With options for jerseys, bibs, shorts, socks, and overcoats, you can wear it top to bottom. The name KETL comes from birds flying in an updraft, Keetle. Well when you hit that turn perfectly, or nail that jump and are on cloud nine, well that's KETL.  

KETL Gear Review - Worldwide Cyclery

KETL is making some great, well thought out clothing for all mountain bikers. With their simple and elegant look, you could easily wear it on the trail and into the brewery without looking like a dork. Very little badging and mono-color tops or shorts, it's nice to wear clothing without being a billboard. Along with a clean look, the material being used is some of the best. It is form fitting but also stretches where you need it. KETL utilizes Polartec® Power Dry® fabric that’s highly breathable, fast drying, and offers excellent moisture wicking, and will not trap odor. Additional features like headphone loops and detachable bib liners make KETL products really stand out. 


KETL Mountain Apparel Overview

KETL’s overshirt looks more like a collared shirt for going out, however, it's packed with technology to aid you in activities. It features wind-cutting material to help keep you warm on cold days as well as having some breathability so you won't overheat right away.  With four-way stretch material, there is no limiting the shredability of this shirt. It even has a drop tail to cover the belt line to avoid that tail spray when the riding gets wet or muddy.  

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Women's Bib Short

KETL Mountain Apparel Overview

This could possibly be the best product in their line. If you have ever ridden with a female rider than you understand the struggle of having a nature break in the middle of the trail. Looking for coverage to take bib straps off, finding a branch to hang the jersey on, ETC. It's a pain, to say the least. Well, the KETL women's bib liner has solved many of these issues. Featuring their IPF™ Technology, which essentially is a flap in the front of the bib with a zipper to allow you to take your nature break without taking off a jersey and bib straps. WOW! Double layer fabric means you don't have a zipper against your skin, no details have been overlooked in this bib. With thick leg compression grippers, a very comfortable quadruple density chamois, and 2 pockets on the back for storage, this bib has it all. 

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Men's Bib Short

KETL Mountain Apparel Overview

The KETL men's bib short is very similar to the women without the zipper nature break feature. Instead, it has a normal flap style fly that helps with getting the pit stop done faster. Along with that, it has 3 pockets on the back for storage. Thick leg compression grippers make sure there is no riding up and comfortable bib straps make you forget you are even wearing it. This is my go-to bib for big days on the bike.

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KETL Mountain Apparel Overview

Both the men and the women's line has two versions of the over short. A standard over short, and a lightweight over short. As you could guess, the KETL over short is going to be a bit thicker material, with a little better protection if you do happen to hit the dirt unexpectedly.  While the lightweight overshort still has ripstop materials, it will be a bit thinner to aid with long summer days. All shorts have a natural fit, not too loose or too tight, just right. With zippered side & rear pockets, adjustable waist closure with belt loops, these short should have everything you need and nothing you don't.

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With four different models, KETL has the right jersey for your needs. They have their more standard jersey in both short and long sleeve. This jersey is fitted, not too tight not too loose, with moisture wicking and breathable fabric. I have found that this jersey is a little on the warmer side which is nice for early morning rides or when its a bit overcast. The long sleeve is my go to when it's a little brisk out but I don't want to grab more gear.

KETL Gear Review 2
The next two are a bit more lightweight, with the Merino Blend short sleeve jersey and the SPF long sleeve jersey.  While the short sleeve is made out of merino wool blend, I find it to be a bit lighter and more breathable than the other short sleeve.  This is one of my goto when I'm going out for long days and there will be lots of climbing and sweating. The SPF Jersey is a great option also when going out for long days, the SPF Jersey allows you to stay covered while not overheating with a long sleeve jersey.  Having SPF 50+ protection, your arms and back will stay covered from the sun while wicking away all that sweat from long summer days.

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KETL Mountain Apparel Overview

The KETL hoodie follows cues from all the other gear, close fit with a simple look and just the right amount of features. With two zippered hand pockets and one on the chest, you are able to store gear as you shed it.  A close-fitting hood doesn't drag wind and can also fit under your helmet when the temperature drops. With a drop tail and a waist drawstring to dial in the fit, you will not have any gaps for cold or dirt to get into.

Final Thoughts

KETL has become one of our favorite riding gear and for good reason. The features are perfectly placed and feature a simple yet elegant look nice for everyday riding and storing that post ride beer. With almost every piece of clothing being offered in 2 colors and a full range of sizes, you should be able to match or clash with your other gear and bikes.

December 16, 2018

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