Trust Performance 'The Message' Fork Demo

Trust Performance has just released their wild new fork, “The Message”. Since we are all curious how well this game-changing fork rides, we have decided to get some in our shops as a demo! If you are considering a new fork for a high-performance bike, we definitely recommend checking this out. 

About the Program

Our shop has had top-notch demo bike program for years, and now we are adding the unique linkage fork to our demo lineup. We currently have this for demo at our CA location only.

If you decided you would like to see what Trust Performance is all about, bring your current bike into the closest store and we will install the fork on your bike, set it up for you, and let you ride it where ever you want for 24 hours for $95. This amount of money in full will act as a credit towards your purchase of any NEW Trust Performance fork OR a new complete bike/frame from us within the next six months.

If you prefer, you can demo it on one of our demo bikes for a fee of $95 for the fork and $95 for the bike for a 24 hour period, however we strongly recommend that you test it on your own bike so that you are not riding a bike that is all different than your bike and you can isolate the forks feeling.

Please click here to read our Demo Agreement/Contract  

Contact Us to schedule a demo and check availability. 

Fork is currently Available for demo in CA location only.

Terms and Conditions

  • You may demo the fork up to two times prior to each purchase.
  • Once a NEW Trust fork OR bike/frame is purchased/deposit made, your demo credit will be applied. Any further demo's will be credited towards any future new Trust fork or bike/frame purchase.
  • You are 100% liable for the fork during the demo period. Any loss or damage to the fork you are responsible for. All these details are in the demo fork contract.