If you're looking to dial in your suspension, then the Quarq ShockWiz will be your best friend. Lucky for you, we offer a rental program so that you can get the benefit of having your suspension dialed without having to buy the product. Check out the specific details below and contact us if you are interested in renting the ShockWiz.

ShockWiz Rental Details:

-Rental fee is $80 for 5 days, domestic rental only.
-A return label will be included in the package so you can ship it back, hassle free.
-Customer card will be authorized for $329 + charged the $80 rental fee upon rental.
-If not returned during the rental period, the customer credit card will be charged for the full value of the ShockWiz ($329) Authorization will be dropped once ShockWiz is returned undamaged.
-Zip ties will also be included.
-You must read over and fill out this rental form in order to receive ShockWiz.

For more information on how to set up the ShockWiz, check out our video below: