Suspension Forks

Suspension forks have had some major improvements over the past few years - mountain bike forks are now optimized from being buttery smooth to soak up big hits and small bumps alike, the chassis is stiff and helps you maintain control in the wildest situations, and many forks have managed to shed weight and become as light as possible. Along with all these improvements, there is also more confusion now than ever on what fork brand and model to choose from. Some of the top brands we sell are Rockshox and Fox, but there are smaller brands making amazing products like Marzocchi, MRP, Ohlins, DVO, and Manitou. All of these brands also offer plenty of models that not only vary in price but also what type of riding they are made for. Cross Country forks are going to have less travel and be as light as possible, trail forks will have a bit more travel have a stiffer chassis while still being optimized for weight. Enduro and Downhill forks are going to have the stiffest chassis possible, weight isn't so much of an issue with these style forks, and they will have all of the tunable settings as an option. 

There are a few different categories of suspension forks: short travel forks for XC riding, mid-travel forks for Trail riding, long travel forks for Enduro and Freeriding and dual crown forks for Downhill bikes. Rockshox has XC models like the 30 Silver, Recon Silver, 30 Gold, Judy Gold, Reba, Sid Select, Sid Ultimate & Bluto for fat bikes. Their Trail/Enduro models range from 35 Gold, Revelation, Yari, Pike, and Lyrik to the Boxxer, which is Rockshox’s dual crown downhill fork.

Fox’s fork lineup is a bit easier to learn, with the Fox 32 being for XC, the Fox 34 for Trail, Fox 36 and Fox 38 for Enduro/Freeride and the Fox 40 for Downhill. Some of our other popular forks include the Ohlins RXF36, MRP Ribbon and Marzocchi Z1. These are all really great forks for Trail/Enduro use. As you can tell, there are a huge amount of options to choose from and if you have any questions or please contact us! You can also read this article we wrote on the basics of upgrading your mountain bike fork.