Forks / Parts

Suspension nowadays can be very confusing, especially with front and rear suspension bikes. So let's break it down and talk about front suspension forks. Some of the top brands we sell are Rockshox and Fox, but there are smaller brands making amazing products like Marzocchi, MRP, Ohlins, DVO, and Manitou. There are also some brands that make great upgrades or additions to forks like Push, MRP, and Vorsprung. There are a few different categories of suspension forks: short travel forks for XC riding, mid-travel forks for Trail riding, long travel forks for Enduro and Freeriding and dual crown forks for Downhill bikes. 

Rockshox has XC models like the Recon Silver, Judy Silver, Judy Gold, Reba, Sid Select, Sid Ultimate & Bluto for fat bikes. Their Trail/Enduro models include the 35 Gold, Revelation, Yari, Pike, and Lyrik to the Boxxer, which is Rockshox’s dual crown downhill fork. Fox’s fork lineup is a bit easier to learn, with the Fox 32 being for XC, the Fox 34 for anything from XC to Trail, the Fox 36 for Aggressive Trail/Enduro, the Fox 38 for Enduro/Freeride and the Fox 40 for Downhill. Some of our other popular forks include the Ohlins RXF36, MRP Ribbon and Marzocchi Z1. These are all really great forks for Trail/Enduro use. 

Along with complete suspension forks, there are also upgrade parts, like new dampers and air springs such as: Rockshox Charger2.1 RC2 and Charger 3, and Rockshox Debonair air spring, Fox Grip2 and Fox Evol air spring. Other brands like Push make coil conversion kits like the Push ACS3 and also damper upgrade parts like the Push HC97. Once ridden, you will also need service parts, and we offer a full range of service parts for all these brands, like fork seals, oil, and rebuild kits to make your suspension feel like new again. Suspension compatibility can be tricky, so if you have any questions just contact us or call at (805) 375-4525.