Wolf Tooth ReMote Light Action Dropper Post Lever: Customer Review

Are you someone that is super particular about your handlebar and cockpit setup? The Wolf Tooth ReMote dropper post lever is a quality product that can transform your riding experience. In this customer review, Jerry Parris talks about the integrated fit and finish of the Wolf Tooth ReMote lever. Read more below.

Wolf Tooth Light Action ReMote Review


The Wolf Tooth ReMote Light Action for Shimano I-spec AB dropper lever is a great choice. It has cleaned up my bike and made my bars look sweet. I like that there is 6mm of adjustment on the trigger to dial it in just right. The longer lever really makes for easier use and where I ride you're constantly changing your saddle height. This is my 4th dropper lever and by far this is the best-made dropper lever yet.

Performance and Final Thoughts

The Wolf Tooth Remote Light Action Dropper Lever is simple to maintain and a great lever for just about any dropper. With lots of mounting options, they have just about everyone covered. I just cannot say enough about I-spec B and how much it cleans up the bars. Great job Wolf Tooth on another excellent product.

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September 15, 2018

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