Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet: Customer Review

Have a bad crash lately? If so, it might be time to think about replacing your helmet. Troy Lee Designs makes some of the best and the A2 with MIPS certainly lives up to the hype. With multiple colorways and sizes, we can pretty much guarantee you will find one that you like. Our customer Daniel decided to go with the 50/50 Red, check it out!

TLD A2 MIPS Helmet customer review


I've been using the Troy Lee Designs A2 helmet for about six months now and it's still my go-to helmet. I had been using a Cratoni C-Tracer helmet for a couple of years but decided to get something that provided more coverage at the back of the head. Whereas the Cratoni is a lightweight XC helmet, the Troy Lee A2 is designed more as an all-purpose trail helmet, with a lower back that cradles the back of the head rather than sitting on top - despite that, the A2 is only 1oz heavier. 


Based on the sizing guide, my head fits right on the line between small and medium - I opted to go for the small as I didn't want a helmet moving about on my head. The fit is snug but comfortable - it gets a bit too snug if I forgo a haircut for too long, but my wife complains when I do so the smaller helmet is ideal! The low-profile visor is perfect for late afternoon sun and is just big enough to block out the low sun of spring and fall. The helmet is molded to accommodate a goggle strap, but the helmet sits low on the brow and the non-moveable visor might get in the way if you want to lift the goggles up quickly.

Unlike many helmets on the market, the A2 comes in an incredible range of colors - 25 at last count! I chose the striking "50/50" red which features bright yellow straps and graphics. I wanted a helmet that would stand out and compliment the colors on my bike and the red helmet does not disappoint. The helmet comes with a bag, a Fit Kit with an assortment of different sized pads, and lots and lots of TLD stickers!

TLD A2 Mips helmet customer review


The helmet is well vented with large vents front and rear to aid airflow, but the placement of the internal padding does block some of the generous vents. However, those same pads are well positioned to keep sweat out of your eyes. I've not yet worn this helmet in the heat of an Arkansas summer, but so far, with weather in the mid-80's, it's been cool and comfortable.

I've not "tested" the safety features of this helmet (luckily!) but it uses the latest technologies, with dual-density foam layers and the MIPS system to protect your noggin from lateral movement - it supposedly helps stop your brain rattling inside your head which is a good thing.

Final Thoughts

My only complaint about the A2 is the fixed side-straps - you can, of course, adjust the length of the chin strap, but the strap dividers that straddle the ears are not adjustable. This doesn't seem to affect the fit of the helmet on me, but the straps are a tad too long at the front, but pretty much spot on behind my ears.

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June 28, 2018

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