Top 5 Mountain Bike Innovations of 2022! [Video]

Some might think that mountain bikes have reached an innovation plateau, and that we won't see much in the way of new technology for some time to come. We are here to prove that simply isn't true! Tune in for the top MTB innovations we've seen so far this year.


Park Tool NFT-1

Park Tool NFT-1

Park Tool is widely known as the company that makes all sorts of tools for each and every part of your bike. This new tool is no exception - touted as the first tool you'll reach for and the last one you'll need, the Park NFT-1 is a serious thing of tool beauty. The NFT-1 will soon be a common sight in toolboxes for years to come, and we can't wait to see what this thing can do. 

Park Tool

Kenda Infinity

Kenda Infinity

Kenda has been making tires for almost twice as long as I've been alive, so you could imagine the amount of experience and tire knowledge they have accumulated in that amount of time. It's this wisdom that has allowed them to create one of the most groundbreaking tires ever to see terra firma. Enter the Kenda Infinity: a tire that combines all of the best parts of every tire all into one. Forget everything you knew about tires - this tire is the one to rule them all. Can't decide if you want something fast rolling or grippy? Worry not, the infinity is sure to satisfy even the most demanding riders in the most demanding conditions. 

Kenda Tires

RaceFace 9,000 Lumen Light Bar


When thinking of high quality components and apparel, RaceFace is a brand that always comes to mind. You don't typically think of RaceFace as a company that makes night riding lights, however, with their latest product, I like to think they saw an opportunity to create something unique that also had demand. The 9,000 lumen light bar is a ground breaking product that is sure to make any night ride absolutely lit. The run time is roughly 50 minutes, so you will be sure to get in a lap on your favorite trail, and only one lap. 


Revel Bikes High Pivot Downgravel Bike

Revel Rover

As a lover of all things with two wheels, I was absolutely thrilled when Revel announced their new High Pivot Rover Downgravel bike. There really is a bike for every single situation, however, this new bike could be a real quiver killer. It's truly incredible to see what Revel has done with this bike, absolutely transcending MTB categories and shunning the preconceived notions that many people held about gravel bikes. Not only does this bike utilize the popular high pivot suspension design that many companies have been employing, it also benefits from a mullet wheel setup to give the bike a certain feel on the trail that has to be experienced to be understood. We can't wait to get our hands on this bike and see what it can really do.

Revel Bikes

Tune 69mm Boost Bottle Cage (69BBC)

Tune 69BBC

The water bottle cage has remained relatively unchanged throughout cycling history. The component brand Tune from the Black Forest of Germany asked the question we've all been pondering: Why? While others were resting on their laurels, Tune set out to develop a bottle cage that would blow all others out of the water and send them back to the drawing board. Introducing the 69BBC. This bottle cage was developed in conjunction with Tune's engineering friends over at Cannondale in Freiburg, Germany and utilizes a 69mm cage spacing to increase stiffness while also reducing weight. Don't worry, they haven't forgotten about us mountain bikers still in the stone age, and this revolutionary new cage is backwards compatible with the old 63.5mm "standard". This ground-breaking cage weighs in at an ethereal 15g and is sure to satisfy even the weeniest of weight weenies. 

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May 02, 2022

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