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Cane Creek has jumped in to the fork game! Meet the all new Cane Creek Helm. This fork has seemingly gone under the radar for the last four years. Designed and tested to meet the needs of the modern mountain biker, the Helm was born from the roots of western North Carolina and will soon be ridden all over the world. Cane Creek is a small cycling components company based out of Asheville, North Carolina that is most known today for their away winning headsets along with their high performance twin tube Double Barrel rear shocks. Now your bike can be fitted with Cane Creek suspension front and rear. Expect nothing but the best from any products from Cane Creek. We can’t wait to try them out ourselves.

The word helm has anything to do with steering a boat or ship. The Cane Creek Helm is now in control of steering and controlling your mountain bike rig! The Helm could be found on anything from a hardtail dirt jumper, short travel trail bike, enduro race bike to a long travel park bike. Let’s break down the specifications of the new Helm.

Product Overview: Cane Creek Helm Fork - Worldwide CycleryProduct Overview: Cane Creek Helm Fork - Worldwide Cyclery

Retail Price - $1100 USD

What is the damper design? The Helm features a sealed cartridge mono-tube design with high speed compression, low speed compression, and rebound adjustments.

Available Adjustments - The Helm is 7-way adjustable with 10 position high speed compression adjust, 20 position low speed compression, 15 position low speed rebound, 8 position air volume system, independent positive and negative air chambers, and travel height adjustment.

How is the Negative Air Pressure Adjusted? Because the two air chambers are isolated, the rider can set different air pressures in the differing chambers for a desired feel. First, inflate the positive air chamber, then press the negative air chamber equalizer button. Once the two air chambers have equalized meaning they have the same air pressure, either increase or decrease the amount of air in the positive chamber. By increasing the positive air chamber, the fork will become more linear. By decreasing the positive air chamber, the fork will behave more progressive, ramping up towards the end of the stroke, providing more bottom out resistance. The negative air chamber will remain at the original PSI relative to the change in positive air pressure.

Travel Options - The fork comes from the factory with 160mm of travel and can be adjusted internally in 10mm increments. The helm can be raised as high as 170mm of travel and lowered to 100mm of travel depending on your intended use. 2 10mm travel adjustment spacers are included with each fork.

Weight - The Helm 170mm fork weights 2070 grams (4.56 lbs)

Blue Launch Edition - There will only be 300 limited edition matte blue Helm forks available. The blue fork comes with orange/teal/red graphics. Get yours before they are all gone. The Helm is also available in matte black with silver/grey graphics.

Boost Spacing - All Helm forks feature a 15x110mm front axle meaning they are boost spacing forks. A boost 110mm wide front wheel is required. Most wheel manufacturers sell boost spacing endcaps that convert a traditional front wheel to boost spacing.

Offset - The 27.5 Helm has an offset of 44mm

What is the Axle to Crown Height?

     140mm of Travel - 533mm Ride Height
     150mm of Travel - 543mm Ride Height
     160mm of Travel - 553mm Ride Height
     170mm of Travel - 563mm Ride Height

D-Loc Thru Axle - The D-Loc thru axle is a keyed axle that better secures the wheel and increases stiffness throughout the lowers of the fork compared to other floating axles on the market.

Does the Helm come with a Warranty? Yes, the Helm comes a 1 year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects and problems.

Product Overview: Cane Creek Helm Fork - Worldwide Cyclery

Cane Creek Helm Fork Overview

Cane Creek Helm Fork

March 20, 2017

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