SRAM GX Eagle: A 12-Speed Drivetrain That Won't Break The Bank

SRAM GX Eagle Drivetrain

SRAM officially changed the drivetrain game when they released their new Eagle 12 speed drivetrain last year. At the time, it was only available with XX1 and X01 components and thus, was a pretty expensive drivetrain upgrade option. Not everyone has $1300+ to drop on some new components, and SRAM has just announced the release of a GX option of the Eagle drivetrain which is expected to be available this August.

So what’s the price? The full GX Eagle group will retail for $495 USD and this includes cranks. If you currently have cranks that work with an Eagle compatible chainring then you can knock off a little over $100 off that retail price. With this significantly cheaper price does come a weight gain, but that is about it! Performance will still be very similar as the GX system is identical to the X01 and XX1 versions in that it is simply a 12 speed drivetrain, with a 10-50T cassette, giving you a 500% gear range. The weight of the SRAM GX Eagle set up is between 1730-1782 grams depending on which spindle you use which is only a half-pound heavier than the X01 Eagle drivetrain. Most of this weight comes from the cassette and cranks while the derailleur and shifter are about the same weight as the other Eagle counterparts. Let’s dive into each component that makes up the new GX Eagle drivetrain.

SRAM GX Eagle Drivetrain

SRAM GX Eagle Drivetrain

SRAM GX Eagle Crankset

The GX Eagle Crankset is made of durable 7000 series forged aluminum which sports a cold-forged aluminum direct mount chainring. These chainrings are a fraction of the price of the CNC rings and not much heavier at all. The also feature the X Sync tooth profiles which are engineered to match with all SRAM Eagle chains.

Weight: 610-662 grams

Lengths: 165mm, 170mm, 175mm

Price: $120-$170 retail

SRAM GX Eagle crankset

SRAM GX Eagle Derailleur

The GX Eagle Derailleur is not too much different from the X01 version – the jockey wheels and clutch are the same between the two but the GX version features a steel spring, aluminum cage, steel b-bolt, and a less sexy finish. All in all though, it only weighs 9 grams heavier than the X01 version.

Weight: 290 grams

Price: $110 retail

 SRAM Eagle GX Derailleur

SRAM GX Eagle Shifter

The GX Eagle Shifter features the smooth and reliable 1x shifting that SRAM fans will love with a durable forged aluminum trigger which will take the abuse you dish out. You can likely expect a similar shift feel to the X01, but you won’t be able to adjust the downshift lever on the GX version like you can on the X01 version.

Weight: 122 grams

Price: $40 retail

 SRAM GX Eagle Shifter

SRAM GX Eagle Chain

The GX Eagle chain features SRAM’s Eagle technology and features solid pin construction, Eagle PowerLock and smooth, efficient shifting. The finish is similar to what’s found on SRAM’s 11 speed X1 chain.

Weight: 270 grams

Price: $30 retail

 SRAM GX Eagle Chain

SRAM GX Eagle Cassette

The GX Eagle Cassette features the same massive 500% gear range found on the more expensive Eagle cassette’s at a fraction of the price. With the price drop comes an increase in weight, but you can still expect the solid performance similar to the other cassette’s in the Eagle family. The first 11 cogs are constructed with stamped steel and are held together with stainless steel pins.

Weight: 450 grams

Price: $195 retail

SRAM GX Eagle Cassette

Stay tuned for a full ride review!

SRAM GX Eagle Drivetrain

June 09, 2017

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