SRAM Code RSC Brakes [Rider Review]

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Brakes are the single most important part of a bike. Without them, we would be riding down trails out of control instead of joyfully descending at high speeds. Having the right set can certainly make or break your day. Read on as our friend Andy tells us about his new set and why he chose them.


I have been running Avid Guide RS's for years with no major issues on both my Specialized Fuse and YT Jeffsy. The Fuse originally came with a SRAM Guide front brake and cheap Avid single piston rear. Once those were worn out I moved the newer Guides from the Jeffsy over to that bike and got new Guide RS's for the Jeffsy. These worked fine on the Fuse for quite awhile until they started to get worn out as well. Lever was a bit floppy, the pistons didn't work as they should. All in all they performed as expected, considering that the trail system I ride most frequently is sandy and usually wet. There aren't any really big climbs or downhills but rather a bunch of short punchy steep climbs and descents. For the longest, the Guides were fine but when riding around the Appalachian mountains about 2-3 hours east of my location, the brakes would start to fade towards the bottom of the descents. I know that larger rotors will help to a certain extent, cooling and a bit more power. I may ride trails like this once to twice a month so not really a huge deal but I knew that at some point I wanted to get into a stronger more robust brakeset.

SRAM Code RSC Brakes [Rider Review]

Features and Quality

I ultimately decided on the Code RSC for my Specialized Fuse because I was ready for a brake that could stop me better than the Guides. I weigh about 210lbs and with the 2.8/3.0 tires, I had a hunch that I could get way better performance out of a stronger brake. I have always been a more late, hard braker when approaching turns so this aspect was also a consideration. Once the lines were clipped and bleeding was completed, they have such a strong feel to them.

Now the Code RSC is certainly the strongest disc brakeset I have ever ran on my bikes (dang I still kinda miss the Juicy 7s from back in the day). 



Since installing these bad boys, I have been blown away. When first unboxing and comparing the caliper size and reservoir size to the Guide, holy smokes. I love the sealed bearing pivot on the lever, very nice touch. I bet as the brakes age, this will become more important and noticeable. As far as the install went, no problem at all. I purchased the Avid bleed block as well designed for these calipers so that made the piston retraction part a cinch. Yes, they are a bit pricey but I still think that this brakeset is good value for money. Highly recommend to anyone that is considering them, especially if purchased from Worldwide Cyclery!

SRAM Code RSC Brakes [Rider Review]

December 30, 2020

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