RockShox Super Deluxe Volume Reducer Kit: Rider Review

I purchased this volume reducer/token kit (Rockshox calls them tokens in their service manual) for my Santa Cruz Nomad V4 before a weekend trip to Arizona which I knew would have some aggressive huck-to-flats. Adding tokens allows the rear suspension to maintain similar small bump compliance while increasing the spring force ramp rate deeper in the travel to reduce bottom outs on hard hits. There isn't necessarily a one-size fits all way to set up the suspension on your bike. The setup will be dictated by your specific bike, your size, the trails you ride, and mostly personal preference. There are a bunch of good articles and videos explaining this in more detail around the internet so I'll focus on installation and usage tips here for the Super Deluxe tokens specifically.

RockShox Volume Reducer Kit Review
If you have a Rockshox Super Deluxe rear shock these are the tokens you need. You have the option of installing up to 3 of these standard tokens or getting one Gnar Dog token which is equivalent to 2.5 normal tokens and adding 2 normal tokens on top of that for a total of 4.5 reductions. I recommend reading through the service manual before attempting to remove the air can. Once you are familiar with the shock assembly the installation is a pretty straight-forward process.

RockShox Volume Reducer Kit Review


  1. Removed all the air from the shock. Don't forget this step!
  2. Unscrew the air can. A strap wrench might be required. Be careful to not scuff up the stickers on the air can with the strap. Rockshox recommends putting a rag through the shock eyelet to prevent the air can from shooting off due to remaining pressure in the negative chamber. Wear some safety glasses.
  3. Pop in volume spacers at the top of the air chamber behind the big metal washer.
  4. Screw back on the air car.
  5. Inflate the shock.

Here's some additional advice and tips about the install:

  1. It is possible to install the volume spacers while leaving the shock on the bike since the air can doesn't need to be completely removed. This is different than the older style rubber bands that were installed on Rockshox Monarch Debonair shocks which required at least one shock eyelet bolt to be removed. In practice, you will likely have to remove the shock from the bike in order to reinstall the air can because there will still be some air in the negative chamber of the shock that resists you pushing the can back up to screw it on. Usually, I loosen the air can with the strap wrench while the shock is on the bike, remove the shock, unscrew the air can, install the token, screw on the air can, put the shock on the bike, then finish tightening the air can.
  2. There is 2mL of Maxima Maxum4 Extra 15w50 oil in the air can, 1mL on each side of the air piston. If you are careful when unscrewing the air can you will not lose much if any of this oil. If you do let some of the oil drips out you should add a little bit more. If you are extra cautious you can clean out all of the old oil then add the recommended 1mL of oil on each side of the air piston as noted in the Rockshox service manual.
  3. If you have a Super Deluxe with bearings be careful about the sharp, square edges of the bearing carrier that can contact the air can dust seal when the air can is unscrewed. If you damage this seal you will need to replace it so dirt doesn't find an easy way into your expensive air shock.

RockShox Super Deluxe Volume Reducer Review


"All in all, installing and removing volume tokens in the Rockshox Super Deluxe is not that hard, but it will take a bit of time and be a little oily. Even though the process is more involved than adding tokens to a fork, this is something most home mechanics will be able to do. Be sure to take notes of the changes you make to your shock and how it felt while riding to reduce the number of times you will need to open the shock to add or remove tokens so you have more time to ride :-)" - Danny Hajicek

RockShox Volume Reducer Kit Review

June 05, 2019

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