Revel Rascal T1000 Silver - New Color, Same Awesome Bike

Moving into their second year of business, Revel has come out with a new eye-catching silver color for the Revel Rascal, the T1000. T1000 is a reference to the Terminator, not to mention that it looks great next to a Why Cycles raw titanium bike, Revel’s sister company. With the release of the updated silver T1000 color, that also means that Revel will be phasing out the Ansel Adams color of the Rascal (the black frame). We have quickly become big fans of Revel as a brand since they are made up of really rad dudes and make really good bikes! Read more about Revel below. 

Revel Rascal T1000 Silver - Worldwide Cyclery

Revel Rascal T1000 Silver - Worldwide Cyclery

About The Rascal:

The Revel Rascal is a killer 29” trail bike that sports 130mm of rear-wheel travel paired with a 140mm fork. For our local terrain, we find the Rascal to be the perfect do it all bike and many employees and customers have found that to be the case as well. The combination of pedaling efficiency and rear-end feel when the trial points down is hard to beat, that is Canfield Balanced Formula or CBF, at its finest. For years CBF was talked about how well it pedaled and maintained traction on technical singletrack, it feels plush yet is not a slug when getting to the top of the trail. We actually have a full review of the Revel Rascal as well as a great Youtube video! Check it out 

Revel Rascal T1000 Silver - Worldwide Cyclery

Revel Rascal:

Revel Bikes is new to the mountain bike market, not even a year old yet, and they have come to the scene with two bike offerings so far, the Revel Rail and the Revel Rascal. The Revel Rail is a 165mm rear travel 27.5” wheeled enduro rig that smashes rocks while still being quite the long-legged capable climber. The Revel Rascal is a do it all trail 29” bike with 130mm rear travel and has quickly become a shop and local favorite. Revel was stacked from day one with knowledgeable crew members building the brand with loads of experience, from running other bike brands to engineers and suspension designers that have created some amazingly good products in the past. If you have never heard of Revel, check out who they are here. Also if you would like to know more about the CBF suspension design, we have a video on that too! 

Revel Rascal T1000 Silver - Worldwide Cyclery

We have extremely knowledgeable bike nerds on staff, many who currently ride a Revel Rascal and can provide some on trail insight for how well this rig performs. If you're curious about the new Silver T1000 color or prefer the Alaska (navy) or Ansel Adams (black) colorways, we can help you get you on the exact bike you want!

Revel Rascal

January 20, 2020

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