Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner [Rider Review]

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If you've spent the money on a new suspension setup the next thing to do is dial in all the settings. For some this can be a daunting taste but with a little help this can be much less painful. Our friend Alex shares his experience with the Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner. Check it out!

Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner Rider Review


Setting up my suspension has always been a difficult task for me. After purchasing a 2021 Yeti SB140, I knew that I would need help with optimizing my suspension. After hearing about the Quarq Shockwiz from some of my friends, I decided to give it a try. The setup was very simple. Hooking the Shockwiz into your suspension is done through an adapter hose attached from the Shockwiz to the air valve on your suspension. When you add air to your suspension you go through the other side of the Shockwiz. After you attach the Shockwiz module to your bike with zip ties, you are ready to calibrate. Once you open the Quarq Shockwiz app, you will go through prompts to get everything calibrated to your suspension. Once you go through this initial setup, future setups will only take a couple of minutes to get started.

Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner Rider Review

Using the Quarq Shockwiz is as simple as setting it up and going on your ride. Throughout my ride, I look at the Shockwiz app on my phone and look at the instant feedback. I like to make changes to my suspension after I do a certain section I am very comfortable with. Once I make these changes, I ride the section again and compare my results. I try to repeat this a few times until I have a setting that really nails the feeling looking for.

Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner Rider Review

I never thought about trying to nail down the perfect setting for each set of trails I ride but the Shockwiz helps simplify that process.

I was very impressed with the feedback I received from the Shockwiz. I initially had my rear suspension way too soft with not enough volume spacers. Once I adjusted to the right amount of volume spacers and air pressure, I noticed a much more controlled feeling during jumps and high-speed sections. I did not realize how many times I was bottoming out until I looked back at the data Shockwiz provided. In my fork, I noticed that it was way too stiff and I was not using enough of my travel. The front end felt more planted in the corners and really helped with the overall handling of the bike.

Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner Rider Review
Another thing I noticed about the Shockwiz is how diverse the feedback can be when you ride different terrain. I am the type of rider that typically finds one setting I like and I never make any adjustments based on where I am riding. With the Shockwiz, you can take your base setting you would usually ride at your favorite trail system and look at how different those setting might work when you ride somewhere else. I have left it on my bike for the past 6-7 rides and am always looking for feedback when I ride somewhere new and as conditions change.

Final Thoughts

Overall I would recommend the Shockwiz to anyone who is looking to learn more about their suspension and how it works. I thought I had a decent baseline setting but the Shockwiz helped me refine my results.

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February 01, 2021

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