Onyx MTB Hubs: Customer Review

Are you someone that prefers peace and quiet while out on the trail? If that sounds like you, the Onyx hubs are going to be a game changer. Not only are they deadly silent, but the engagement on them is next level! In this review, our customer Jeff throws a set on his Santa Cruz Bronson. Enjoy!

Onyx Hubs Customer Review


So what makes an Onyx hub so special? Why would you buy something you know little about for the amount they want for them? I will try and give a brief answer to each of those questions below.

  • First: Why are they so special in my opinion?
  • Pros: Engagement, Quiet, Smooth
  • Cons: A little heavy, not noticeable while riding

These hubs aren’t light, let’s get that out of the way for the guys who care about that, you may stop reading here…. unless you want the best feeling hub you’ve ever ridden.

Onyx hubs customer review

How is the Engagement?

I couldn’t believe the difference these Onyx hubs made on my latest wheelset. The engagement is instant, no hesitation, no lag, right now, which makes it a welcomed component in the middle of a techy rock garden or slippery root section you can’t afford to lose traction on. You can just backpedal slightly and not have to worry about the engagement throwing you off, its right there. Also, when you backpedal with these hubs, it feels like there’s no chain attached, that smooth.

There’s no sound when the freehub is rolling, which I love, especially coming off I9 hubs. I9 makes a great hub, but they let everyone know around you that you have them on your bike.

Onyx Hubs Customer Review

So Good Your Friends Will Buy Them

I let a couple friends ride my bike and afterward, they couldn’t stop talking about how smooth and fast it was. I said most of that is in the hub. Onyx makes everything that much better, the best set of hubs; I will never go back to a cheaper hub again after riding these. Both of my riding buddies now own Onyx hubs from Worldwide Cyclery, and they usually don’t spend the extra on anything, that speaks louder than anything I’ve said here.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new set of hubs look no further. The engineering behind these hubs is second to none and they just outperform anything else out there, including all the popular brands we always hear about.

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October 08, 2018

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