OneUp Components EDC Tool and Top Cap Bundle: Rider Review

If your searching for ways to lighten the load on your back while riding, OneUp Components has a large selection of options to do just that. The OneUp Components EDC Tool is easily one of the most innovative storage mechanisms we have seen in awhile. Our customer Eric is a big fan as well and is here to share his thoughts on the product. Check it out!

OneUp Components EDC Tool Kit Rider Review


This is the second OneUp Components EDC Tool and Top Cap Bundle that I have purchased, I bought this one right after getting a new fork. One of the lessons I have learned is don't crash on your tools, they create nasty bruises. This is my solution. I was concerned about installing this, but the kit that you can purchase is so easy to use. My only word of caution is make sure you check your steer tube length that it will fit. It is supposed to have 5-10mm of spacers above your stem. The length is another part for the steer tube and the tools. In my experience, one up has provided great instructions that helped get this done at home without the need to go to my local shop.

What Is In The Kit?

The whole setup holds a multi tool, chain breaker, tire lever, master link, and spoke tensioner. I have used the tire lever without issue and was able to get back on the trail quickly. Also, I have used the multi tool and the quality is good. I have had great experiences with this so far. I'm cautious to not over tighten bolts past recommended torque specs. The headset cap has come loose in the past for me, but the problem was the carbon fiber spacers compressed over time and made it loose. The solution was metal spacers for the steer tube, I have had no problems since (long term fix, used it on my last fork for over 6 months of hard riding). There is also a top cap/cassette tool if you need to tighten it on the trail. One thing is the Rockshox Lyrik is not supposed to fit a 20g CO2, if you remove the label I was able to make it fit in the steer tube (OneUp says that it will not, I don't know if brand matters.

OneUp Components EDC Tool Kit Rider Review

Final Thoughts

Overall, I like how easy the OneUp EDC kit is to install, I had to tap the steer tube twice because I cut it down a little lower. This lets me go without a pack if I would like, it does stay put in the steer tube. I had a big crash in Mammoth, bike tossed, and it stayed put. I don't really use the storage compartment, but would at some point if I get the plug kit from OneUp. The plug kits are a solid idea, I use the Genuine Innovations Tubeless tackle. All of my gear takes up minimal space, and also straps to bike which is great. Overall, I stoked on this product.

My items I can carry on the bike with minimal weight gain are as follows:
1. Multi tool (tool to tight top cap is included should you have to adjust headset trail side)
2. Master link
3. Tire lever
4. Tube
5. Plug kit
6. 20G CO2 x2 w/ air chuck (I cut a tube up to hold the CO2 and plug kit together on the bike)

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March 20, 2019

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