OneUp Components Comp Platform Pedals: Rider Review

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Pedals are one of the most important contact points on your bike. The OneUp Components Comp platform pedals are one of the top choices under $50. They grip like crazy and come in tons of different colors. Check out what our customer Eusebio had to say about them!

OneUp components comp pedal rider review


I ran Race Face Chester pedals on my last mountain bike for about a year. I never had any issues other than the pedal having a small foot print. The Race Face pedal felt like I was stepping on a tennis ball with cleats. I wear a size 12 shoe and knew I needed to try a different brand. I had a bad experience with aluminum pedals. I don’t use aluminum pedals anymore because what happened on my BMX bike. The Allen head screw broke on my Bear Claws, cycled around and gouged the back of my calf. There is a chance the composites could do the same however, the difference is a cat scratch vs being sliced open from a bear.

I watched Worldwide Cyclery's YouTube video MTB Flat Pedals Buyer's Guide first. During the video, I was able to compare and visually take note of the different pedal sizes. I purchased the OneUp Comp pedals as an experiment because I wanted to try something different. The choice was easy for me to make over another set of Race Face composites because OneUp Composite Comp pedals have a larger surface area. The pegs are spread out a bit more however, the entire ball of my foot now has grip and the peddle feels steadier.

OneUp components comp pedal rider review

First Impressions

I installed the OneUp composites and Race Face crank boots and headed out to the Santos bike park in Ocala Florida. I felt increased confidence without a concern that my foot would slip off the pedals. I traveled up and down the red trail named The Vortex. The pedals performed great without any incidents. I rode down the Papa bear and my feet felt like were glued on the OneUp composites. I had some gas left in me and decided to do some jumps. No issues from the OneUp pedals. The shaft didn’t bend and the bearings stayed intact.

One of my biggest fears is the peddle shaft breaking and slicing my leg open. I don’t have to worry about that happening from OneUp, they are built with solid construction. This is just one of my many adventures utilizing the crank boots and pedals. I have ridden many red and blue trails without any problems. The OneUp pedals continue to endure jumps, obstacles, rocky terrain, and impacts from different objects. Speaking of impacts, the Race Face large crank boots continue to protect my crank from deep gashes. You know the times when you’re riding with your friends, take a quick glance back and the peddle or end of the crank strike a rock or a tree root, completely stopping your momentum. I consider not hitting your nuts on the bike stem a win.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I recommend these pedals and crank boots to OneUp your friends. See what I did there.... I have over 700 miles on the pedals, no bearing noise, no issues.

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August 29, 2020

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