Light and Motion Vis Pro Rechargeable Headlight and Taillight Set [Rider Review]

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With the sun going down earlier these days, there isn't much time to ride in the evening. But why not night ride? Light and Motion makes some of the best lights for night riding. Our friend, Michelle, got their hands on a set. Check out what they think! 

Light and Motion Vis Pro Rechargeable Headlight and Taillight Set


The Light & Motion Vis 360 Pro is a great rechargeable helmet light that includes tiny amber side lights and an attached tail light for added safety if you’re riding to the trail. Once at the trail you can shut off the rear light since it’s not needed. Or if you are commuting you can leave it on for, you guessed it, 360 degrees of visibility.

Initial Impressions:
This helmet light is very small and is pretty lightweight. Light & Motion lists it as 140 grams to be exact. However it feels well made and of high quality. For it’s size (1”x1”x1.25”) it still has some heft to it when you hold it in your hand. I like that it’s adjustable so you can change the angle up or down to point the light either closer to the ground or farther out in front of you. The logo and graphics are tastefully done so as not to be obnoxious. The finish appears to be durable enough to not be scratched badly if dropped. Light & Motion actually states in has impact resistance up to 1 meter. The cord connecting the two lights seems very strong and thick so you wouldn’t have concern about it stretching out and/or fraying over time (think old school landline phone cords.) And the cover over the charging port is a nice feature.

The installation is pretty straight forward but there is an older YouTube video that’s helpful if you need it.

And Light & Motion has excellent customer service if you call them.

I will say that one thing to remember is that the front mount should be attached with the slot open to the bottom. The light will slide in from the bottom not the top. This seemed backwards to me but the light snaps in place and is completely secure. You have to press down on the small tab to release the light from the mount so there is no concern of it falling out.

Light and Motion Vis Pro Rechargeable Headlight and Taillight Set

Helmet Comparison:
The mounts for this light are a universal fit although it probably fits a little better with different helmets dependent on the vent placement and shape. I did compare it to a Specialized helmet and the fit was better on the POC.

I’ve had no problems with this light at all. I use it for night rides in town mainly. I have ridden with it in the snow more than once and it is waterproof as it claims. I’ve never tested it in a downpour though. It has a nice lockout feature that allows you to hold down the power button for a few seconds and it will disable the switch. This is good because if you’ve ever accidentally bumped the power switch and turned on your light when it’s in your bag and later tried to power it up it’s dead. It’s also safe as this light can get very hot. To get it out of lockout mode you hold the power button down again for a few seconds. It lasts as long as the runtimes stated per setting in the specs and charges fairly quickly. See the specs below.

Specs from Light & Motion:

Lumens- 600(high), 300(medium), 150(low), 150(pulse), 70(extended)

Runtime- 120min(high), 240min(medium), 480min(low), 960(pulse), 720min(extended)

Taillight is 25 lumens (pulse)

I can tell you from experience that the 600 lumen high setting is blinding! I actually only use it on the medium setting of 300 lumens when riding around cars and remember not to look at anyone directly as this setting is very bright too. I only use it on high if I’m riding by myself on a back road. It would definitely work well for singletrack I’m sure. I would combine it with a handlebar light for extra coverage though. Below are photos of the high, medium and low settings (in that order.)

I did want to add that this light can be used for other activities as well. Running, camping, working on your bike, etc. I’ve used it to work on my bike many times by purchasing the head strap that fits it. The head and tail light attach to it the same way as on the helmet.

Final Thoughts

So after this lengthy review and all these positive details the one thing you may have a hard time with is justifying the price of this light. I’ll admit I was put off by it too at first. It’s a helmet light after all. However I know Light & Motion to make excellent products since I also own some of their other bike lights. (They have a factory tour video on their site if you’re interested.) None of them have ever failed me and have performed flawlessly since I’ve had them. So when I needed a helmet light I chose this brand again and haven’t regretted it. Besides, I keep getting these great coupons from WorldWide guys are the best!!

 Light and Motion Vis Pro Rechargeable Headlight and Taillight Set

December 23, 2021

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