KS eTen R Dropper Seatpost: Customer Review

Still riding a rigid post? The time for change is now! With an affordable dropper with the KS eTen R, it makes it easy for everyone to jump on the dropper seatpost bandwagon. In this review, our customer adds one to his bike and completely transforms his ride. Check it out for yourself! 

KS eTen R Dropper Seatpost Customer Review


This dropper seatpost is a game changer.

After growing tired of raising and lowering my seat for various trails, or even different parts of a trail, I started looking for a dropper seatpost. This budget option gives you 95% of what you would want at way less than some other options.

My Initial Concerns

  • Quality: It goes up and down just like you would want. The speed at which it comes up seems just right. 100mm of travel is plenty. There is no noticeable play in it. It really is very well made and is durable. More on this later.
  • Weight: Yes it is heavier than some of the more expensive droppers and heavier than a standard seatpost. Do I notice it on the trail? I don’t think so. 
  • The cable: The cable attaches at the top, unlike some other models. I thought it might pop outward in the down position and hit my leg. I routed the cable so it comes up between the frame and the rear brake hose. This guides it straight down, no issues here.

KS eTen R Dropper Seatpost Customer Review

How Does it Handle Crashing?

Back to the durability... The one thing that concerned me most was how well the KS eTen R Dropper could withstand a crash. I’m no jumping expert but I went for one jump on a local trail system. Got off-angle in the air and although I managed to still save the landing, I was headed straight for a tree. I bailed and the bike hit that tree and ended up on the other side of the trail against another tree. It was evident that the handlebars and dropper switch hit the ground. The switch was covered in dirt, even down into the cable routing recess. Some minor scuffing but nothing broke and it still works as it should. I can’t say the same for my derailleur hanger.

KS eTen R Dropper Seatpost Review

Final Thoughts

This KS dropper really is great. I still have some work to do on perfecting my usage of it on trails. After only a month of using it, I don’t think I could ever go back to a standard seatpost.

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October 04, 2018

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