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In recent years, Fox has made a name for themselves primarily for their high quality mountain bike suspension. With the introduction of the Transfer dropper post, Fox takes a jab at a dropper post designed around functionality in a market filled with countless reliability problems. The Transfer post is available in two options, the Factory Series and Performance Series models. Both models can be configured with a 1x or 2x remote lever and can also each be ordered in 100mm, 125mm, or 150mm travel. Here in this review, we will be talking about the 1x remote lever specifically. With a lot of aftermarket remote options, the Transfer 1x lever deserves a closer look. 

Fox Transfer Dropper Post 1x Remote Lever Review - Worldwide Cyclery


The Fox Transfer Dropper Post 1x remote lever is designed to be mounted on the left side under the handlebar. This lever is positioned exactly where the shifter for the front derailleur used to be. 

  • Cable actuated 
  • Retail Price: $65.00
  • Includes the lever shown above, cable, cable housing, ferrules, and cable crimp
  • Accommodates internal and external cable routing


+Smooth action. This lever is easy to press and because of that easy to control on the trail. Some of the other levers I have used in the past feel a bit more crunchy to use even with a brand new cable and housing. The Transfer 1x remote keeps you coming back to use the dropper post more and more on the trail

+Control the speed of the dropper post action. The farther you push the lever in, the faster the seat will return to its highest position. This makes it easier to make smaller adjustments of the seat height in the middle of the dropper post travel. It is easy to get the seat to go either all the way up or all the way down, but it isn't alway easy to find that perfect seat height when the trail is undulating up and down. The Transfer 1x remote lever in combination with the Transfer dropper post allows you to do so. 

+Simplicity. This remote is very simple. There isn't much that can go wrong with the 1x remote because there aren't very many moving parts. It does the job required and nothing extra.

+Easy to install. Measuring the cable housing length is no different on this remote than any other dropper post remote out there. The cable clamp is tucked away on the back side of the lever blade. The barrel adjuster took out any slack in the cable tension giving the lever a quick feel. 

+The cable crimp hides in the lever blade. After you cut the cable to length and attach the cable crimp, the crimp can be tucked away in a small pocket behind the lever blade. The last thing you want to happen is the cable to fray and prick yourself when you reach for the lever. That doesn't seem like it could happen with how the Transfer 1x remote cable it routed.


    - The lever blade is just a little too short for me and my cockpit setup. I have relatively small fingers and because of that I have to run all of the handlebar controls close to the grips. On my trail bike, I am running Shimano Saint brakes with the Fox Transfer 1x remote mounted just to the right side of the brake. Even with the bar clamp moved as close to the grip as possible, the dropper post lever is still a little too far away for me to reach without repositioning my hand on the grip. For most riders, this may not be a concern at all but I think next time Fox could use a longer lever blade to accommodate a larger variety of riders.  

    - The remote only comes as a bar mount. Other dropper post remotes like the Wolf Tooth ReMote can be configured to work with Sram's MatchMaker system, Shimano's I-Spec A, and Shimano's I-Spec II. Have different mounting options certainly makes things more complicated for Fox, but would make this remote lever even more versatile. Having all of the handlebar controls in just the right place can make all the difference controlling the bike on the trail.

      Fox Transfer Dropper Post 1x Remote Lever Review - Worldwide Cycley

      Custom Build: Yeti SB6c featuring Fox Transfer Dropper Post and 1x Remote Lever 

      Fox Transfer Dropper Post 1x Remote Lever Review - Worldwide Cyclery

      Custom Build: Yeti SB6c featuring Fox Transfer Dropper Post and 1x Remote Lever

      What's the Bottom Line? 

      The Transfer 1x remote lever is certainly worthy of its own review. It is the real deal and compliments the dropper post nicely. For those looking for a durable, high performing dropper post, the Transfer Post must have your attention. The 1x remote goes hand in hand with that. My favorite thing about the Transfer 1x remote is how you can control the speed of the seat returning to its highest position. And while that might have a similar feel with another aftermarket lever, the Transfer 1x lever does it just right. The only thing I can fuss about with this lever is the length of the lever blade is a touch too short for me personally. Other than that, it's ready to go!

      For more information on the Fox Transfer dropper post, check out the Ultimate Review Guide!

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      July 06, 2017

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