Fox Shox Float 36 GRIP2 Damper Upgrade [Rider Review]

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The Fox GRIP2 damper takes the standard FIT system to the next level. For a few hundred dollars, you can swap the damper for a more adjustable and higher performing version. This customer wanted more adjustability out of his fork and decided the GRIP2 damper was the way to go. Check out what he had to say! 

Fox Shox Float 36 GRIP2 Damper Upgrade rider review


I've been ordering from Worldwide Cyclery for a few years now, and their product offering and customer service is great - but what really keeps we coming back are the witty captions and great staff reviews and content. You just don't get that elsewhere. So, when I decided to upgrade my Fox 36 to the GRIP2 damper, I naturally checked the WWC site first. After speaking with a customer service tech I had my cart full of the right parts to do the job, and they showed up promptly 3 days later!


Being an engineer by trade, I love to tinker and test anything that allows me to, so upgrading my fork from the GRIP damper with minimal adjustment to the GRIP2 damper with almost limitless combinations was an exciting one for me. The install can be done by yourself with relatively standard tools in about a half-hour. It's probably advisable that you service your fork at the same time as installing this damper, but my fork had relatively low mileage so I decided to forego that for now. The GRIP2 uses a thin 5WT Teflon-based oil, and from what I have gathered is very sensitive to over or under filling. The 36 GRIP2 requires 40cc of FOX 5WT Teflon damper fluid, so be sure you have a way to accurately measure that and inject it into the fork. It's also a good idea to fashion some sort of tool to clean out the remnants of the old fluid, as it is a thicker oil and will not play well with the new Teflon fluid. I used an old wooden broom handle with paper towels on the end.

Fox Shox Float 36 GRIP2 Damper Upgrade rider review

Ride Review

After buttoning up the install I was able to find a recommended starting point by using the FOX Factory user guide. Having the ability to fine-tune compression and rebound settings was the main reason I made this upgrade, but I'll say even if you're the "set-it-and-forget-it" type, you will immediately notice a performance change with the GRIP2.

The fork felt much smoother through the travel in comparison to the GRIP damper. The amount of chatter and vibration that transferred through the grips into my hands was reduced right off the bat.

I'm a heavier rider at 185lbs and tend to ride pretty hard (life is all about the "bonus" lines) - so the ability to slow down high-speed compression while still maintaining a smooth ride on the low-speed range was invaluable. No more wrist pain on those drops to flat!! I have also found myself adjusting the fork to tailor it to my ride. My local trail center has a little bit of everything, and having the means to change the way the fork handles different terrain makes me feel like a spoiled professional racer!

Final Thoughts

If you are into tinkering and want the maximum amount of adjust-ability and performance, the GRIP2 upgrade is a great place to start - not to mention it's far cheaper than upgrading to a whole new fork. I am very happy with the upgrade!

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November 07, 2020

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