Fox Racing Launch Enduro Elbow Guards: Customer Review

It's better to be safe than sorry while riding. Some may scoff at someone wearing pads but going home in one piece after the occasional crash always makes for a good ride. Our customer Tim Newton gives us his view on the Fox Racing Launch Enduro Elbow Guards. Check it out below!

Fox Racing Launch Enduro Elbow Guards customer review1


I picked these Fox Racing Launch Enduro Elbow pads up as I was looking for something a little less bulky than my hard shell elbow pads. I went with the large size because while my left arm was on the borderline between the medium and large size, my right arm was in the middle of the size range for the large pads. When I took the Fox Racing pads out of the box my thoughts were mixed. On one hand, I was very impressed with how light the pads were but on the other I wondered how much that light weight will impact protection. The lightweight makes me think they are flimsy.

Fox Racing Launch Enduro Elbow Guards customer review

Final Thoughts

I typically ride to the top of the mountain, put my pads on, then ride down. That turned out to be a bad idea for these arm protectors. Turned out that halfway through a ride is not the best time to put in these pads. I really struggled to put these pads on mid-ride. Once I got them on my left arm the pad would keep slipping down, next ride the same thing happened. What I do now is put these pads on at the start of my ride and they are easier to get on plus they don't slide down. They are also light enough to wear while climbing.

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October 31, 2018

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