Fox Float X2 Factory Rear Shock [Rider Review]

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When it comes to suspension the front and rear shocks on a mountain bike take a tremendous amount of abuse. Either an upgrade or replacement of your rear shock can make that old ride feel fresh again. Our friend Sean shares his thoughts on the Fox Float X2 Factory Rear Shock. Check it out!

Fox Float X2 Factory Rear Shock Rider Review


I've gone through a phase recently where I've tried to simplify my bike habit. I had recently picked up an Ibis Ripmo V2 from the local shop which came with a Fox Performance DPX2. Great shock in itself, but I also had an MRP Hazzard Coil from my previous bike sitting in the garage. In my mind, I thought I'd swap the shocks more depending on the day (DPX2 for trail duty, MRP Hazzard for rowdier days), and what I found was that I honestly didn't do that a whole lot. I liked the DPX2 and the "light" feel of the bike when riding, but I enjoyed the MRP Hazzard when things got rough. I wanted something in between these two shocks and that's where the newly revamped 2021 Fox Float X2 Factory Rear Shock comes in.

Fox Float X2 Factory Rear Shock Rider Review

I had never ridden a Fox X2 before, and I thought it would bring a noticeable level of plush in the rough stuff when compared to the DPX2 that it would be replacing. I didn't fully understand the magnitude of the change until riding a newly built section of trail near my house which has some short rock gardens. On these rock gardens, in particular, line choice isn't as important and you can really just commit to wherever the bike is taking you.

I find myself carrying more speed and confidence with the X2 in this type of terrain, and it is an absolute monster of a shock in the rough stuff.

Fox Float X2 Factory Rear Shock Rider Review

I've heard the Ripmo be described as a "hoverbike", and the Fox X2 has truly opened up its hovering potential especially at speed. There's so much level of support once the stroke is initiated, and it just soaks up bumps at speed like no air shock I've ever ridden. Regarding the poppy nature of the shock, there's a wide enough level of adjustments on the X2 that allow you to tune it to still be poppy while also being plush. I honestly did not notice a huge loss when compared to the DPX2, and the X2 is definitely a more "playful" shock than the MRP Hazzard Coil. While the small bump is not quite up to par with the MRP Hazzard (granted it was a coil shock), it's not far off, and the rear shock doesn't seem to take much force to get into the stroke.

Final Thoughts

Overall the X2 has been a great shock choice for myself and the Ripmo. The Ripmo is my do-everything bike right now, and the X2 while a burlier shock than the DPX2 that it replaced, has been perfect for both the rowdy and mellower trail rides that I typically find myself on. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a "do-everything" type of shock that isn't going to hold them back on the descents but will still give them the poppy and fun nature of an air shock.

Fox Float X2 Factory Rear Shock Rider Review CTA

December 13, 2020

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