FOX FLOAT DPS Performance Rear Shock [Rider Review]

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Fox's "Performance" line of forks and shocks offer the same outstanding on trail performance as their Factory line, only with fewer features and no fancy Kashima coating. Our friend Jeff recently brought an older steed back to life with one of Fox's DPS Performance shocks and couldn't be happier. Read on for more!

Fox Float DPS Performance Rider Review


So as one of my of many old steeds told me it needed some loving, I thought it was time to change some things up for its 20th birthday. This steed happens to be a 20-year-old Balfa 2 step that I have had since they first came to America from Quebec way back when. I managed a bike shop back then and we were the first Balfa dealers in the United States. These bikes were unlike anything at the time. Long travel, burly construction, and suspension designs that just soaked up the hits.

Enough of the foundation intro as to what my new Fox Float DPS Performance Evol shock from Worldwide Cyclery was being installed on.

The design of this particular frame is an early DW style type but regressive in nature. So after many coil shocks over the years and with Fox’s technology coming a long way over the years in air suspension, it was time to give it a try.

The Float DPS before being mounted was popped apart and I installed the orange air can volume spacer as with this particular frame design, I wanted it to ramp a bit more as it went through the six inches of travel.

While Fox’s air pressure recommendation was a little off from what I eventually settled on, it was pretty close to spot on. I am about 190 lbs. with riding gear and hydration pack with tools and would up happy with about 160 to 170 psi in the shock.

The ride quality on my local, very technical New England trails was pretty impressive after knowing this bike inside and out with coil shocks for thousands and thousands of miles.

The small bumps sensitivity of the Float DPS was very impressive, with very little noticeable initial stiction in the movement. The shock with the volume spacer that I chose to use ramp up nicely as the rear suspension traveled in the regressive zone. It no longer felt as though it was blowing through the last few inches of travel into bottom out.

It ramped up nicely and although the term is often thrown around lightly nowadays, it really did feel quite bottomless. I have tested this on slow gnarly rock gardens, technical climbs, high speed smooth and rocky descents as well as some drops in the 4 to 7-foot range. Not once did I feel disappointed or let down by my choice in choosing this shock.

The three modes on the compression lever worked as they should and while the bike is moderately efficient in pedaling I tried the highest compression setting a few times and it did offer enough lockout and small bump blowoff to render it even more efficient while climbing some smooth, steep climbs.

Where the shock normally lives in the open mode and that is where it shines. The base compression and rebound valving are pretty spot-on out of the box. Very happy with this shock and Worldwide Cyclery for there service, speed and efficiency even in these COVID-19 times.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line.. new trick for an old dog and it couldn’t be any better. The Fox Float DPS Performance is the best bang for the buck in upgrading your rear shock and cost pennies more than having an old shock rebuilt. You won’t be disappointed.

 Fox Float DPS Performance Rider Review

September 14, 2021

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