Fox DHX2 Factory Rear Shock: Rider Review

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The Fox DHX2 rear shock is well known on the EWS circuit.and can seriously improve any bikes performance. Our customer Carlos was looking to upgrade the rear shock on his Santa Cruz Nomad. Check out his review to get his thoughts on the DHX2 shock!

Fox DHX2 Rear shock review


Hello, my name is Carlos and I am passionate about MTB. It all started when I practiced the enduro or dirt bike, that was due to the fact that cycling helped considerably the cardiovascular part and occupied complementing that part that I had no care and that is when I started look for options to buy, because as a beginner I started with a basic MTB I remember that it was Iron Horse, then as I liked cycling I started to be more evolutionary and that's where I already knew that there is an extensive world for this sport ... Some time since 2002 and I was looking for where to buy spare parts and to be able to improve my performance, then I realized that my bicycle no longer supported as the technology was advancing rapidly. Well, that's when I liked the Santa Cruz bicycle brand and became a fan of the brand for the comfort I felt and I have managed to have several models that Santa Cruz makes the most comfortable and my favorite is the Nomad model because I have seen how it has changed. geometry, angles and structure.

As it turns out, when I already had my name I returned to the task of looking for stores on the internet for the sale of spare parts; since I had a good time of not buying spare parts to be able to replace them, I started remembering in my search engine and I got an infinite number of websites that offered me very interesting things but at the same time I was afraid because I did not know how real the store could be Since the buyer does not have direct contact with the seller, that big question arose, everything could be through an email or a phone call, I remember that I started to follow up with the stores and started buying accessories to see if they gave me the assurance that My purchase was safe and effective in one, I was unhappy and I went back to search until one day I remember that it was on Ebay that I found what I wanted but for each item it was a shipping payment, so I took an item and went to the history of comments and look at the name Worldwide Cyclery because I followed up and started interacting because I felt so comfortable that I decided to make my first purchase on February 25, 2018 with various things c How to be: Fox Orange Skyni 36, Handlebar Renthal, Stem Renthal, Grips ODI, Crank Brothers Iodine 2 Boost 27.5. and everything came to me as I had requested at the time I thought I already had the perfect bike, because to top it off I was totally wrong because in this world of cycling that evolves daily because I decide again to search other websites that offered me but It does not satisfy what I wanted to buy because I return to To Worldwide Cyclery I contacted someone who attended me in their native language, English, I told them that I could not express myself in that way because I only speak Spanish, because via a google translator I asked them if they had what I was looking for because they told me that in At that time I did not have it available, which was the Fox Transfer SeatPost 31.6 mm, it took approximately 10 days and I was notified that it was already available, which caught my attention, because it decided to buy that product and add Maxxis Minion DHF Tires and other things that was to get my bike ready, I received my products again and until that day very satisfied with having chosen Worldwide Cyclery, there I already had the MTB as I wanted it to be, after a long time in this year 2020 it damaged me the rear suspension that that had never changed because it came with the bicycle that is a RockShox Super Deluxe Coil suspension I thought it was going to be of better quality because it was damaged from the Damper has a crack, I did all the paperwork with SRAM and he only replied with emails that this part could not be replaced and that he had the obligation to buy another when it was a factory defect.

Fox DHX2 rear shock review
Well, I went back to the store that had satisfied my Worldwide Cyclery needs and I wanted to communicate via phone, they treated me, I think as usual, pleasantly, but unfortunately I cannot communicate because I do not speak English so I managed to imply that if I could speak to Someone who spoke my language, which is only Spanish, and managed to communicate with David Zapata, a person who made me feel very good, as I explained what had happened to me and he gave me many options that I could have, as it turns out, how to be human gave me between my teeth I decide to buy a RockShox again, but I was unhappy with myself because I already knew what had happened to me with the other suspension because I made the purchase and in the middle of the disagreement I wrote to David again who attended to me spectacularly and I asked him to help me change the product and I decided on a Fox DHX2 with the metric measure of 230X60mm which are the measures You give my MTB, all that David helped me in a matter of Minutes that is part of the Worldwide Cyclery chain of stores and not only that but also helped me to manage that the shipment was fast, which is why once again I am very satisfied with Worldwide Cyclery.

To this day I have ridden the MTB and there are sensations that are notably felt between FOX and RockShox, and I have had the opportunity to ride both suspensions but my advice as a passionate and faithful cycling practitioner I lean towards FOX I feel that it is softer when driving it on the mountain, it has more regulation options that make it feel more professional and you can nap your way of driving another very important thing is that the Rockshox suspensions when you make the lock becomes rigid instead FOX has that trail type lock that to my taste I feel more comfortable when driving, also the weight that FOX has is in grams lighter than Rockshox the only thing I do not like about RockShox is that they do not have a support on their clients since in my case I will not use them again of those products, instead FOX since I started cycling only that brand had used, until I bought my nomad 2019, another very important fact is that FOX gives you options to choose the coil that best suits your riding style and weight and gives you two types of coil and color, I definitely think the best option is FOX Rear Shocks and FOX Forks

Final Thoughts

Something that I can not miss is that I was surprised when I received the purchase, I come with great joy, I open the packaging where my FOX product came and I say it to replace what was mounted at that time, my MTB turns out that the eye At the bottom of the suspension there was no need to start to identify why and it turns out that FOX sells the direct assembly with bearings for that model that was buying something that I did not like because it should come as it does with its 3 and 6 key mm to nap the suspension, but again I turned to David Zapata and he sent me the information that was what was needed so that I could mount my new suspension to the Santa Cruz Nomad frame; I also believe that I have the backing of this website and that is something that fills me with great satisfaction so I will continue to buy as many times as necessary in Worldwide Cyclery and I want to thank the opportunity that is given to me to share my brief summary history of How can I be a loyal customer of yours and I invite those who can read my story to see that the service is very friendly and effective, so I invite you to be satisfied customers like me.

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May 12, 2020

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