Customer Review: Fox 34 Float FIT4 130mm 29" Fork

In this review, Gabriel Kim talks about his new Fox 34 Float with the new 2017 FIT4 damper. Here are his thoughts. 


In December of 2016, I got my hands on a new 2017 Fox 34 Float FIT4 Factory Series from Worldwide Cyclery to pair to a new all-mountain 29er hard-tail build. Preceding the purchase, I read up a few reviews on Fox's recently redesigned 2016 FIT4 damper, but what caught my attention me was the new damping tune offered for 2017 models. The new dampening characteristics claimed to further increase small bump sensitivity and suppleness reducing the force needed to initiate fork travel while maintaining the "bottomless" feel on bigger hits.

Fox 34 Float FIT 4 Fork: Customer Review

In addition to the new tune, what swayed me towards the Fox 34 versus the competition was the fork’s aesthetics. There is something about the Kashima coating, maybe it is the exotic name and distinctive gold color that lured me to it. After logging a decent number of miles on the fork, I can confirm Fox's claimed benefits are true. The Fox 34’s small bump sensitivity and compression characteristics deeper into the stroke is exactly what was expected, plush and under control. The FIT4’s three compression dampening positions were easily adjustable on the fly while riding and detents provided good tactical feedback.

Fox 34 Float FIT 4 Fork: Customer Review

Inside the retail box, the fork included extra spacers used for customizing the progressiveness of the air spring curve, star nut and bolt, manual, and simple but useful tuning guide to quickly achieve baseline settings. One should note that this particular fork did not come with a shock pump. Overall, I am happy with this purchase and look forward to logging many more miles on this fork and possibly crossing over to the plus side of things with a set of 27.5+ wheels and tires in the future.

If you have questions or are on the fence between brands and models, I would not hesitate to call or chat online with the staff at Worldwide Cyclery. The folks there are quite friendly, and you can tell they are avid riders and knowledgeable in the field.

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February 02, 2017

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