Employee Review: Pivot Mach 6 Carbon

In this review, we check in with Logan from our East coast shop as he takes us through his Pivot Mach 6 Carbon and shreds the local trails. If you are interested in the bike or any of the components mentioned, click the links below! 

Pivot Mach 6 Review

Pivot Mach 6 Carbon


  • Intended use: Trail/Enduro
  • 148mm boost spacing rear
  • 155mm DW link rear wheel travel
  • 650B/ 27.5” wheels
  • 66 degree head angle
  • 72.5 seat tube angle
  • 430mm chainstay
  • Full carbon front and rear triangles w/ Aluminum links

Build Kit:

I have this bike set up to use as an all mountain machine as I use it on a variety of trails.

Shock Setup:

Pivot makes things super easy to set up your suspension by providing instructions to help you get good base settings and providing an indicator for the rear shock making it super easy to know your shock is at the right sag.

Pivot Mach 6 Review


After going to a little more sag (almost to the end of the indicator) the bike climbs extremely well. This thing climbs like a champ for a bike with 6” of rear travel and has minimal suspension movement when you put the power down with the 3-position lever switch on the Float X wide open. I have experienced other bikes in its class that are tough to get through tighter switchbacks but this is not the case here. All you have to do is give it a little extra through the turn and the bike cruises right on through. Out of the bikes in this class that I have rode, the Pivot Mach 6 is by far one of the best climbers.


This bike definitely rewards a more aggressive rider. I have found the Mach 6 is at it’s best on fast rough terrain. With that said, it is still an absolute blast on fast flow trails and responds quickly to any rider input. The short chainstay makes the back end feel short and easily maneuverable even in the tightest situations.

Overall Impressions:

This bike has thoroughly impressed me and certainly has gotten me out of some situations where I ran out of talent. After doing everything from all day epics to short post work rides and even some bike park laps, it has never left me wishing I had a different bike. It is truly an all around machine that everyone can enjoy.

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January 04, 2018

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