DMR Vault Pedals: Rider Review

After only wearing clipless shoes and pedals for a couple of years, I decided it was time to give the traditional flat pedal a shot again in order to rid myself of the bad habits I had developed. After doing a bit of research, I decided to give the DMR Vault Pedals a try due to excellent reviews and for a couple of key features that I was looking for.

DMR Vault Flat Pedal Review
The things I especially like on these flat pedals is the slightly concave middle. I truly believe this is the biggest feature that separates these pedals from others on the market. It allows your shoes to really dig into the pins and I am also a big fan of the way they feel. Another feature I am impressed with is the size of the pedal body itself. I was looking for a relatively large platform but not something so big that I would be constantly bashing the pedals on rocks. I think they hit the sweet spot with that and also with the height of the pedals. They are pretty thin and extremely durable.

DMR Vault Flat Pedal Review
The biggest drawback for me is the price. They aren’t the most expensive pedal out there but you can get a much cheaper composite pedal. Many people say the composite actually slides over rocks and things easier than the aluminum bodies do and they are over half the price of the metal pedals. That being said I still went with these pedals because I understood how durable these are and am willing to invest in a quality pedal that will last me years. I would highly recommend these pedals and believe DMR as a whole! They are a company that stands behind all the products they sell and will surely be doing business with them again.

DMR Vault Flat Pedal Review

July 09, 2019

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