Customer Review: RaceFace SIXC Carbon Handlebar

In this review, one of our customers Daniel Dorr talks about getting his new RaceFace SIXC handlebars setup on his Yeti. Let's see what he thinks!


Race Face SIXC 35 Riser Carbon Handlebar, 35 x 800mm 20mm Rise Black/Yeti Turquoise

Customer Review: RaceFace SIXC handlebars - Worldwide Cyclery

It’s true, my riding partners would never use the word “laggard” to describe my attitude towards adopting bike innovation, yet, they’d be the first to note that when choosing my upgrades, I do so carefully and cautiously—a bit obsessed with making the right choice for my steed. So, did the sleek and glitzy SIXC 35mm bar make the long-term cut? Let’s break it down:

Aesthetics: It was a lonely Cyber Monday when I first laid eyes on her; before then, I hadn’t even fantasized that I could meet a turquoise “match made in heaven” bar for my Yeti SB5.5c. I admit, I was skeptical that the color match would prove to be as true in person, but upon its arrival, it was an essentially perfect pairing.

Beyond the excellent color hook up with my frame, the carbon finish of the silky bar is a true work of art. Collectively, it’s really a feast for they eyes and a visual stunner.

Customer Review: RaceFace SIXC handlebars - Worldwide Cyclery
Design: This was my 2nd 35x800mm bar (Easton Havoc) and I must say that I greatly prefer the taper, and overall design of the SIXC bar. Unlike other bars, the taper from center towards the grips is appears natural and less bulky. The 35mm diameter also still allowed me to mount my iPhone and light mounts even though both appeared to have been designed for 31.8mm diameters. The phone clamp did require a bit of careful positioning—as the section of the bar closer to the stem (measuring at a full 35mm) proved to be too wide for mounting.

Feel: Fairly new to the 800m width of newly designed bars, I was unsure of how comfortable the bar would ride for me, a man of average height and reach. I was pleasantly surprised and can confidently say that the bars felt very comfortable from the get go. Even now, I rarely find myself concerned on tight single track; but for those who might, the bar can be custom cut with length markers conveniently marked.
The bar does an overall excellent job of absorbing chatter and it simply rode comfortably across all terrains.

Price: $144.99 MSRP is no small change for a bar, but when overall quality, weight (210g), and design are compared to similar bars on the market, the extra coin is easily justifiable for those who can find it.

Service: This was my first time buying from Worldwide Cyclery, and I can say without bias that my experience was far above average. I have been consistently buying bike components for over two decades and the friendliness of staff and selection of product (along with quick shipping) made this transaction seamless.

Overall Verdict: I am very happy with the SIXC 35x800mm bar and have since outfitted another bike in the stable with the same. From my experience on dozens of high end bars over the years, Race Face designed a winner this go around.

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January 31, 2017

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