Customer Review: Race Face Next SL G4 Cinch Crank Arm Set

A good customer and friend of ours, Matthias Wessel sent over this review for us while he is recovering from a broken elbow. The Next SL crank has been a shop favorite for quite some time and we were stoked to see Matthias picking one up. Let’s take a look at what he thinks of them.


I am about 6 weeks, 1 day and 6 hours from having broken my elbow. A mantra that I like to live by…if you can’t ride, ACCESORIZE! I picked up a Santa Cruz Hightower about 3 months ago and was super stoked to see Race Face bring out these Next SL Carbon cranks!

I have been a very big supporter of Race Face products, so this was a very easy grab for me. I love the innovation that Race Face brings to make customization a breeze! This is a super lightweight carbon crank. A direct mount single ring and hollow crank arms provide stiff cranks that I trust to pedal strike on my local SoCal Trails and they are as sexy as can be! For anyone looking for a great carbon crank that pretty much fits any bottom bracket around…this is it. Oh, did I mention that I am pretty confident this is the lightest crank around?!?


My purchase from Worldwide Cyclery is always a no brainer. A super sweet candy shop full of fun toys, ridiculously good looking gents, and always making sure that I’m well taken care of with service and price, they keep me coming back for more! I’m spoiled to have them right down the road.

Worldwide Cyclery made this purchase even easier as they installed it for me…I think they felt sorry for a guy walking bike in with 1 arm 😉. I just feel bad that I didn’t have time to clean my chain before they hooked me up! Sorry guys…

I’m happy to introduce you to Shakira Santa Cruz.  Do you like her new shoes? I do!

Race Face Next SL G4 Cranks

August 09, 2017

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