Customer Review: Fox Proframe Helmet

In this review, one of our customers gets himself a Fox Proframe full face helmet to use when riding his custom electric bike to and from work. We think it's pretty cool Luke decided to get a Proframe helmet without even riding mountain bikes. Just shows you how versatile this helmet really is. Check out his review!

Fox ProFrame Review

It's been just over two months since I took the plunge and ordered the Fox Proframe. It was certainly the most expensive bike helmet I have ever purchased and I was able to find a good deal at Worldwide Cyclery. However, instead of a budding mountain cyclist, I am a nerdy urban commuter astride a home-built electric bike. In an attempt to replace my car, I had to get a grasp on all the peripherals pretty quickly. I hadn't ridden a bike in years. One thing that immediately became clear to me - at the higher speeds of an ebike, I was going to need more protection than the average cyclist.

So that's when I started looking into the ratings surrounding cycling helmets. It became clear to me quickly that the best-case scenario for safety was a down-hill rated helmet, preferably with a chin bar. However, the downside that was mentioned regularly in every review I could find was overheating when pedaling. Now, just because I ride an electric bike doesn't mean I don't pedal. It just means I'm out of shape. I wheeze my 210lb self around about as hard as I can peddle - though that can mean 20 miles per hour uphill, with the help of the motor. This is where the Fox Proframe enters: at the time it was the only helmet I could find that was wholly focused on ventilation. The amount of ventilation is insane. I really don't have any concern wearing this bad boy every day of the week - and feeling confident at higher speeds. Now that we are in the winter months, this has actually become a downside to this warm-blooded Florida boy. I have had to purchase additional coverage for my head to block the wind chill. However, for the long summer season, this is just what I need.

Fox Pro Frame Review
There are a number of ancillary benefits that didn't turn the tide for me, but are still nice. The magnetic chin-strap clip is an easy-on/easy-off, even with gloves (a little easier to get off than on, though). There are a number of pads included for sizing, and I had no problem finding a combination that worked for me. I found the helmet to be surprisingly light for it's size, as well. And let's not forget: it looks awesome. Some might say the guy who is riding around town in a downhill helmet looks dorky, but if they people are staring at me it means they probably won't run me over!

At the end of the day, the question is: is the Fox Proframe providing a benefit that is worth it's cost? To mountain biking enthusiasts who are counting every ounce, this might be a clear answer. But for a regular guy who is just trying to get to work and back safely, without dying of heat exhaustion, it's still a reasonable choice. For me, I like to have the best. In terms of safety and ventilation, I think this was a clear choice. After 300 miles I don't have any concerns, but I'll let you know for sure next time I wipe out, hopefully without any associated dental bills.

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December 24, 2017

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