Customer Review: Fox Float X2 Rear Shock


I'd heard good things about the Fox Float X2, primarily its small bump and high speed compliance. I was a bit nervous coming from a Monarch plus as it had always performed great. So the day finally came to test it out on my Transition Patrol. I set up the shock according to the Fox website (which got me close) and also added two volume spacers. First thing I noticed was how easy it was to count clicks one way or the other on the setting knobs, very tight and loud which was nice!


On the trail, the first thing I noticed was how responsive the shock was. It was very active on small bumps and very buttery on bigger hits. It felt like it was wallowing a bit so I firmed it up with an added few clicks to the low speed setting that helped. Still felt like I was blowing through my travel to easily on big hits. So I added one more volume spacer and decreased my sag from 30% to roughly 27%, this helped a lot. The Patrol has a very linear curve so a bit more time was needed to dial the shock in. Once it was set up to my liking, the shock felt absolutely incredible. This shock really shines on descents, the rougher the better, high speed square edge hits to ramping up off a big jump face, G outs, drops, you name it the shock just does what it’s supposed to do like butter.... Even if you bottom you really can't feel it. The climbing switch is nice even though I would prefer it a bit stiffer locked out. On technical climbs the shock works well, always keeping the wheel in contact with good grip.


August 02, 2017

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