CushCore Tire Inserts: Rider Review

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Do you suffer from constant flat tires? How about dinged rims? If so, it might be time to consider adding tire inserts. CushCore has been proven time and time again to prevent these kinds of issues. Our customer Allyosha says it was the best investment he has made yet! Check out his review to hear why!

CushCore Tire Inserts Rider Review


If you are watching this review you will have already heard and researched about the benefits of this the CushCore Tire inserts, different methods on how to install it and the pain to your fingers that this entails. Therefore, I will approach the subject from the point of view of a beginner user.


The first thing you think when you see the CushCore is "I have experience putting on tires, this should be a piece of cake" but after sweating, hurting your fingers and cursing half the world, you realize that the instructions are for something.

After reading many instructions from different sources and several videos on YouTube, I found a video that really works and does not need a garbage can. Very important! Do not forget to place the special valves that CushCore sells. These have holes through the side parts that allow airflow.

Pro Tip: Align the middle of the rim mark to the valve (+10 points for Griffindor)

CushCore Tire Inserts Rider Review

Riding Impressions

If you have purchased a carbon rim, the investment of CushCore is a no-brainer. If you have an aluminum rim and do not want it to bend, I recommend it as well! Lower pressures can be used which leads to more traction! Since CushCore takes up space on the rim, a reduction of 5 psi is possible.

The rim stays straight on the trails and gives you a greater sense of stability when jumping, curving, pedaling, etc. The additional damping helps in those moments where you have not calculated the jump well or the suspension does not absorb the drop enough.

Final Thoughts

The best investment you can make after fork and shock. Point.

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August 05, 2019

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